Elizah Leigh


‘CRUDE’ Director Told To Cough Up Footage For Chevron

in Film/TV

Just in case you’re not already familiar with award winning documentarian Joe Berlinger’s much buzzed about film CRUDE, it explores what to date has been the absolute largest landmark eco-lawsuit

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Organic, Dead-as-a-Doornail Materials Offer Artistic Inspiration

in Animals, Arts/Culture, Events

From canvas and primer to oil paints and brushes, anyone hardwired to use their right brain knows that when it comes to translating creative inclinations into visual representations, whatever financial resources you might

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PETA Success Story: No More Pit Bulls In Zynga’s Mafia Wars

in Animals, Causes

Ask nicely and ye shall receive – it really does work every so often! PETA’s effort to contact Zynga CEO Mark Pincus and request that his wildly popular game Mafia

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Hawking Products And Causes More Effective When Celebs Bare All?

in Causes, Fashion

Think about the advertising campaigns that have made the biggest splash in our pop culture consciousness and they generally share one thing in common – beautiful, famous people parading in

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Seal Pups Have An Ally In Pamela Anderson & Damian Whitewood

in Animals, Causes, Film/TV, People

Currently practiced in Russia, Greenland, Namibia, Norway and Canada, the commercial hunting of seals – traditionally prized for their pelts and as a food source – is still being conducted

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Thar She Blows: Knitting Pretty With Wind-Powered Yarn Factory

in Arts/Culture, Fashion

The days of bespectacled grannies clutching their knitting needles tightly in hand is now but a distant memory thanks to Royal College of Art graduate Merel Karhof‘s consumately green and

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‘Tofu Hunter’ Video Game Delivers A Blast Of Soy-drenaline

in Animals, Eats, Video

All work and no play makes Ecorazzi readers feel kinda cranky, which is why our team of ace writers continue to keep everyone on the pulse of the green-themed video

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