Elizah Leigh


Law & Order Actor Questions Our Addiction To Power in MSNBC Special

in Causes

Take one look at Sam Waterston and you can just hear the Law & Order theme song playing on a loop in your brain. However, the 16-season veteran of the

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Earthlings Documentary Gets French Twist With NHL Star Georges Laraque Narration

in Animals, Eats, Film/TV

Exploring the fact that human beings are entirely dependent upon animals for everything from advances in medicine to clothing and entertainment, Shaun Monson’s 2005 documentary Earthlings is still receiving a

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Lieberman Sees ‘Glass Half Full’ For Neglected Climate Bill

in News

Despite being described by the New York Times as sitting “on the brink of collapse”, Senator Joe Lieberman is among the optimistic few who believe that the Senate climate bill

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San Francisco Major Gavin Newsom Says America’s Food System Has Long Way To Go

in Eats, Events, Film/TV

What in the world are we eating these days? If you ask the random person on the street, they’ll probably respond with comments ranging from sustainably and locally produced meals

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Elijah Wood Intent On Rescuing ‘Wet-Nosed’ Chilean Earthquake Victims

in Animals, Causes, Film/TV

Having empathy for the countless homeless animals that are currently roaming Chile’s 8.8 magnitude earthquake torn region, Elijah Wood visited the city of Curepto last week at the invitation of

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Groovy Green Momma Nicole Richie Dispenses Captain Planet Friendly Tips

in Causes, Eats, People

Former party girl and current mother/do-gooder Nicole Richie has left her old life far behind in favor of being a positive role model for her family and America’s children. In addition

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PETA Fighting Mad About Mafia Wars’ Portrayal Of Animals

in Animals

With 25.9 million active players each month, Zynga’s Mafia Wars is cultivating a hefty collective of would-be criminal masterminds who gain increasingly more ka-ching for virtually playing out their underground

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