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Watch: Guy Loses Shot At Tesla Roadster On Green ‘Price Is Right’

in Film/TV, Transport

This had to hurt. But at least he got the spa and bikes! Er… Jump to the 4 minute mark to watch just how close this guy comes to winning.

Yes Men Crash Live Earth’s And Dow Chemical’s ‘Run For Water’ Event

in Causes, Film/TV

Being called a ‘yes man’ who nods in agreement at everything their employer says is almost as bad as been fingered as a kiss @ss, but that’s all part of

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Amazon Dam Stalled Once Again Thanks To Cameron, Weaver & Co

in Film/TV

Following the appeal of indigenous Indians, a laundry list of environmentalists and high profile Hollywood figures such as Avatar director James Cameron and actress Sigourney Weaver, plans for the world’s

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Dine With Actor Chris Noth At Rainforest Action Network’s Upcoming Party

in Causes, Events, Film/TV

We’ve all seen him portray Law & Order’s Detective Mike Logan, Carrie Bradshaw’s wealthy commitment-challenged beau on Sex and the City and a Chicago state attorney in CBS’ highly acclaimed

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Jillian Michaels: VEG-Friendly Cookbook & Plan For Wellness Domination!

in Eats, Film/TV, Print

Known as the merciless fitness drill sergeant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels actually has her sights set on far more than opening up a can of whoopass on

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Green Lifestyle Pioneer Danny Seo On QVC For Special Earth Day Event

in Film/TV, People, Print

Filling the much-needed role of a male Martha Stewart for the green set, you could say that environmental lifestyle expert Danny Seo’s planet-friendly pursuits are a natural extension of his

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Sheryl & Co Had Reason To Crow At Last Night’s NRDC Party

in Eats, Events, Music, People

Celebrating environmentally-minded celebrities who use their star power for good, the National Resources Defense Council’s (NRDC) 12th annual Forces for Nature gala – which happened last night at New York

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