Elizah Leigh


PETA Launches “Hearse Tour” To Counter KFC’s Double Down

in Animals, Causes, Eats

What do you get when you stuff two breaded, deep-fried chicken breasts with two equally sizzling bacon strips, a congealed pepper jack-Swiss cheese combo and a liberal slathering of secret

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Kelly Osbourne Sinking Her Teeth Into New Greener Goal

in Animals, Eats, Film/TV

Stepping out from under the long shadow cast by her infamous parents celebrity status hasn’t been easy for Kelly Osbourne, and to a certain degree it’s probably benefited her. Graduating

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Exactly WHAT Do White House Kiddie Gardeners Learn?

in People

Year two of Michelle Obama’s resoundingly successful White House garden is upon us and as most people are already aware, the first lady and her intrepid team of green thumbs

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Seinfeld Actor Squealing With Delight Over New Renewable Energy Biz

in Film/TV, People

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and apparently the same concept can apply to one pig’s manure…or in this case, the excremental gold-turned-renewable-energy of 3,000 North

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One Down…999,999 Trees To Go: Cameron Helps A Native Species Take Root

in Causes, Film/TV, People

Avatarmania continues to grip the globe as ticket sales reach the $2.6 billion dollar mark, which is no surprise given its visual spectacle, compelling storyline and heart-tugging themes (whether you’re

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Brad Pitt, Meet Wendell Pierce. Katrina Survivors Now Have Two Saviors!

in Causes, Film/TV

Known for his highly acclaimed performance as Detective Bunk Moreland on HBO’s 60 episode multi-award winning crime drama series “The Wire”, Wendell Pierce has managed to elude the paparazzi for

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100 Year Old Eco-Hero Swings Back Into Action

in Film/TV, Print

Being raised by apes might make any of us predisposed to swinging around the jungle in a bare-chested state, exhibiting an entirely untamed, feral nature and on occasion being more

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