Elizah Leigh


Eco Punk iPhone Game Taps Into Our Inner Pissy Bunny

in Music

A pissy anarchistic punk bunny with gothic-looking facial features sporting a jagged blue Mohawk saves the planet by plowing his incendiary skateboard into pollution-producing vehicles, instantly wiping them out with

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Madonna, Malawi’s Angel of Hope

in Music

Once a Material Girl, today’s Madonna appears to be leading a lifestyle that is diametrically opposed to her 80s persona, which is naturally happens when a person reaches a certain

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Birdemic Eco-Flick Hailed As Absolute. Worst. Film. EVER.

in Animals, Film/TV

Brendan Behan, the Irish author responsible for coining the infamous quote “There is no such thing as bad publicity” is probably laughing his heart out right now saying “See? I

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“Dark Life” Eco-Tween Novel Coming To The Big Screen

in Film/TV, Print

Attention aspiring novelists! Now might be a good time to begin dabbling in a little eco-inspired, tween-friendly wordsmithing if the recent Disney acquisition of Kat Falls’ soon-to-be-released debut novel Dark

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The Squeaky Green Design of Al Gore’s NYC Investment Office

in People

Generation Investment Management may sound like a high fallutin’-tootin’ operation, and considering its location on the 48th floor of New York City’s One Bryant Park, it might be easy to

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100% Veggie Tour Is Music To Paul McCartney’s Ears

in Animals, Music, People

It’s hard to believe that veteran rock legend Sir Paul McCartney is 67 years of age, and despite slight signs of facial weathering, he is spry, culturally relevant and as

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Pamela Anderson Gets Animal-Friendly On Dancing With The Stars

in Animals, Film/TV, People

Tonight’s week 3 performance episode of ABC’s 10th season of Dancing WithThe Stars should prove to be particularly spicy when Pamela Anderson hits the stage, and not merely due to

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