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Martha Stewart May Get Her Own Television Network

in Film/TV, People

Were you among the many who secretly relished the perennial pinkie in the air hostess with the mostest adding the title of jailbird to her long list of impossibly perfect

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Pearl Jam Seeding the Forest To Offset CO2 From 2009 Tour

in Music

A 20 year American rock institution with humble Seattle roots, Pearl Jam has enjoyed longevity in spite of their formerly dubbed grunge sound fading into the sunset. Now, they just

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Fairies Are Supposed To Be Nature-Loving Nice — But Not This One

in Film/TV

Diminutive in size, sporting wings and a human like appearance (while at other times, looking more like a scrunch-faced troll…albeit a good and wise scrunch-faced troll), fairies have traditionally taken

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Cameron and Gore Discuss Avatar 2, Climate Change, The Amazon

in Events, Film/TV

Being hailed as the Al Gore of the film industry might be considered daunting by some, but Academy Award winning director James Cameron takes it all in stride. If you’re not yet familiar with his highly vocal perspective on the environment, take a gander at this choice little number that he recently uttered while attending a press junket for the release of Avatar on home video:

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‘Green Lantern’ Movie Set Going Green By Composting

in People

Academy Award nominated New Zealand born film director Taika Waititi is known as much for being part of the award-winning comedy duo The Humourbeasts (featuring fellow Kiwi Jemaine Clement of

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Harrelson Offered Rub-a-Dub Tub Advice To Silverstone

in Film/TV, People

Who can say which of Alicia Silverstone’s recent confessions is more surprising – the fact that she once shared a bath with Woody Harrelson’s three children, or the fact that

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Bill Gates Goes Totally Nuclear In New Startup Investment

in News

Hunting down viable, eco-friendly energy options that don’t rely on fossil fuel deposits is perhaps one of the greatest challenges that man has faced in recent memory. This quest is

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