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Melissa Etheridge And Rob Thomas To Make A Splash At Dow Live Earth “Run for Water”

in Causes, Events, People

Ahhhh, fresh clean water. Sometimes, there’s no other beverage that hits the spot quite like chilled H20 and yet the ubiquitous thirst-quencher – which covers 71% of our planet’s surface

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“Mister Green” Proposes A Warped World Beyond Global Warming Tipping Point

in Film/TV, People, Print

Highly revered Marvel Comic writing legend Greg Pak — who likely has the type of career that would make legions of geeks break down and weep tears of absolute joy

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New FOX Series Pits Treehugging Keri Russell Against Playboy Will Arnett

in Film/TV

Having earned her place in television history for portraying the title character of the now defunct WB Network’s Felicity from 1998 to 2002, New York resident Keri Russell has managed

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Planet Green’s VERGE Offers Conscious Television Evolution

in Film/TV

Have you been desperately craving a couple of fresh new eco-themed television shows to feast your eager greenie eyes on? Talk about impeccable timing — Planet Green’s got your back!

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“Cove” Filmmakers Go Undercover To Bust Whale-Serving Sushi Restaurant

in Animals, Eats, Film/TV

Who wouldn’t want to commemorate a highly coveted Academy award win for Best Documentary by crowning a glorious evening with a tasty bit of sushi in a luxe restaurant? For

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Enjoy An Eggs-cellently Eco-Friendly Easter At The White House This Year!

in Events

A friendly little Easter egg hunt seems innocent enough. There’s nothing criminal about allowing the kiddies to hunt down a wide assortment of specially decorated and strategically hidden hard-boiled chicken

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Two Kings Of The Eco-World Set To Speak At Sustainabilty Forum

in People

A poster child for environmental degradation and the ongoing destruction of vulnerable forest-rich habitats in the name of profit and industry, Brazil is perhaps the most ideal backdrop for the

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