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The Black Eyed Peas Get The Eco-Party Started On Their New Tour

in Causes, Music, People

Multi-platinum hip hop/pop artists, The Black Eyed Peas, are taking their star power and pop culture appeal in a direction that could quite possibly help to shape a greener world.

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ABOVE: Fresh Green Eco-Mag Well Worth The Ka-Ching!

in Arts/Culture, Fashion

Green-themed newsstand publications continue to fall the way of the dinosaur in response to ever-dwindling publishing budgets, the increasing clamor of the internet and most of all, a reduction of

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Al Gore & Richard Branson Paving The Way To A GreenRoad

in People

Some might say that the recent pairing of Al Gore and Richard Branson in an intriguing new business endeavor is a match made in eco-heaven given their equally impressive and

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Skin Trade: Playboy’s Barbi Twins Take On The Fur Industry With New Film

in Animals, Fashion

Celebrity is a funny thing. Quirky looks and a lack of discernible talent notwithstanding, there are still certain people in the public eye who manage to become household names. Of

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Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato Make A Wave Of Eco-Awareness With New Single

in Film/TV, Music

Teen heartthrob Joe Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers and Disney Channel’s JONAS series) along with Camp Rock queen and solo artist Demi Lovato offered a sneak peek into their duet,

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Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban To Help Fund Haitian School

in Music

Lately, all sorts of diverse entertainment personalities have been taking off their sunglasses long enough to offer their financial and personal support to Haitian earthquake survivors. Given the fact that

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Patrick Swayze’s Widow Ready To Say Goodbye To His Favorite Ranch

in Home, People

Patrick Swayze’s deep connection to the environment was evident as much in his forest stewardship and hefty financial donations the Galinas River Watershed Restoration Plan as it was while engaged

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