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Eco-DIY Festivities Abound For Green Divas During NYC Fashion’s Night Out

in Causes, Events, Fashion

Feel like giving fashion a high-five by opening up your wallet? This Friday, September 10, be prepared to throw down a little green (or a lot) in support of the

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Natalie Portman, Diane Lane Among Hollywood Actresses Being Honored For Charitable Work

in Animals, Causes, Events, Film/TV, People

She’s made some bold career moves (including pulling a Demi by shaving her head for 2006’s V For Vendetta) and also transitioned from being a longtime vegetarian to a straight-up

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Prince Charles’ Sustainable Lifestyle Tour Under Fire For Costing Too Much Green

in Causes, Events, People, Transport

The sustainable living battle cry is so much a part of Prince Charles’ spirit that he’s embarked on a five day tour of his homeland (including visits to Glasgow, Edinburgh,

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‘Cannibal’ Restaurant A Vegetarian Organization Hoax

in Animals, Causes, Eats, Internet

It may in fact be healthier for your body and easier on the planet to eschew animal protein, but pursuing a vegetarian lifestyle still remains a matter of personal choice.

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‘Earth Destroyers’ App Assesses Planet-Friendly Status Of Musical Tours

in Music

Rocking loud and hard is often what they do best, but as eco-awareness continues to permeate our consciousness, we’re also expecting our favorite musical acts to consider how their touring

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Kate Hudson’s Eco-Vegan Volcanic Ash Hair Care Line In The Clear Following Lawsuit

in Animals, Film/TV

The secret to Kate Hudson’s lush, flowing locks? For a while, it looked as if she might not be able to lather up with her ill-fated eco-friendly hair care line

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Angelina Jolie Says Pakistan Flood Relief Via International Community Essential

in Causes, Film/TV, Video

Even with the assistance of her main squeeze Brad Pitt and perhaps a few highly trained nannies, Angelina Jolie must still on occasion succumb to the mind-numbing exhaustion that accompanies

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