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Sony Pictures’ New Office Buildings Score LEED Gold

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Quite like silky-smooth chocolate and peanut butter or creamy yogurt topped with granola, Hollywood and environmentalism are two great green tastes that just go together. It wasn’t always like that,

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Prince Charles Juicing Up His Sustainable Crib With Hefty Solar Array

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Despite his WTF decision to send his herd of dairy cows to the slaughterhouse in order to keep his carbon footprint in check, Britain’s Prince Charles is generally a pretty

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Food Network’s First Vegetarian Iron Chef Conjures Up Broccoli Inspiration

in Animals, Causes, Eats, Film/TV

Oh, have you heard?? Veg is where it’s at, and if any one entity deserves the credit, the factory farming industry should rightfully take a bow.  Thanks to our global

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Sigourney Weaver Spreading Belo Monte Dam Awareness With ‘Defending the Rivers of the Amazon’ [VIDEO]

in Animals, Causes, Film/TV, People, Video

Referred to as an ecological disaster on par with Avatar by none other than director James Cameron himself, details about the construction of Brazil’s Belo Monte hydroelectric dam continue to

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‘A Message From Pandora’ Spotlights James Cameron’s Opposition To Brazilian Amazon Dam

in Animals, Causes, Film/TV, People, Video

Tenacity is clearly James Cameron’s strong suit. If his continued protest of the Brazilian Amazon jungle’s proposed hydroelectric Belo Monte Dam is any indication, the Oscar winning director never gives

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‘Meatless: The Movie’: A 90 Day Vegetarian-Vegan Experiment

in Animals, Eats, Featured, Film/TV

Throwing oneself headfirst into a radical new lifestyle experience and documenting it every step of the way has become the modern day equivalent of saying buh-bye to your anonymity and

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Kevin Costner Seeking Norwegian Business Partners To Aid His Oil Cleaning Efforts

in Animals, Film/TV, People

Close to two months have passed since we offered the techie details on Kevin Costner’s oil spill skimming contraptions (otherwise known as ‘liquid-liquid separation centrifuges’). Suffice it to say that

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