Kyra Sedgwick Predicts Soccer Moms Will Change the World

in People

The Closer‘s Kyra Sedgewick first became truly involved in living harmoniously with the earth after the birth of her first child. “I carried Travis for nine months, providing him with

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Carrie Underwood Cares About the Homeless

in Transport

As Carrie Underwood made her way to lunch on Thursday, the two-time winner of PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian poll stopped to give a bit of money to a homeless woman. The

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Moby Lets You Look Inside His Vegan Cabinets

in Eats, People, Video

In this set of four videos for Epicurious, Moby invites the cameras in for a tour of his New York kitchen and answers the age-old question of “So what does

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Michael Ian Black Blogs About Conservation, Sort Of

in Internet

Michael Ian Black (comedic commentary genius and VH1 regular) maintains a blog in which he types about really random things. Sometimes the inanity of those things is what makes his

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Alanis Morissette, John Mayer, and Others Sing for Tibet

in Causes, Music

Several famous voices are sounding out for a new project simply entitled “Songs for Tibet”. Moby, John Mayer, Sting, Alanis Morissette, Dave Matthews, and Suzanne Vega all lend their talent

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How Sex with Brad Garrett Can Save Puppies

in Animals, Video

When Sarah Silverman did her brilliant “F-ing Matt Damon” video for her then-beau Jimmy Kimmel, it was obvious that spoofs would be inevitable. The latest in line comes from sexy

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Britney Spears Comes to the Rescue

in Events

Britney Spears hasn’t been making many appearances lately, unless you count the ones in court rooms, but last night the former teen idol stepped out of the shadow of chaos

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