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Jennifer Mishler is a writer, and a vegan and animal activist. When she's not writing, you can often find her volunteering or advocating for animal, environmental and human rights causes. Along with writing for Ecorazzi, she has contributed writing for nonprofits like Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and enjoys blogging. She resides in the Washington, DC area (and loves all the vegan food it has to offer). Follow Jennifer on Twitter: @jennygonevegan.


Film Review: ‘The Ghosts In Our Machine’

in Animals, Causes, Entertainment, Featured, Film/TV, News

I was lucky enough to see director Liz Marshall‘s “The Ghosts In Our Machine” before it hits screens in the United States next month. I’ll start by saying this: go see

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Kickstarter Launched for Superhero Rescue Dog Comic Book

in Animals, Causes, Featured, News

A fundraising campaign has been launched for a new comic book. This isn’t just any comic book, though; it will follow the adventures of a three-legged rescue dog named Piggy.

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Bob Barker on Devoting His Life to Animals

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

The 89-year-old told the Huffington Post about his passion for animal rights, and some of his favorite moments as an activist.

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WATCH: Colbert Blasts Rhino Hunt Auction ‘for Conservation’

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News, Video

The Colbert Report takes on Dallas Safari Club’s plans to ‘save the rhinos’ with the chance to kill an endangered rhino.

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Peru Slaughtering Dolphins for Shark Bait

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

Recent news of a lesser known dolphin slaughter is now making the headlines. An undercover investigation in Peru has shown the brutal slaughter of dolphins to be used as shark bait.

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WATCH: Strangled Seal Freed From Fishing Gear

in Animals, Causes, News, Science, Top News, Video

The IFAW’s Marine Mammal Rescue & Research team frees a seal caught in fishing gear in Cape Cod.

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Dallas Safari Club to ‘Save Rhinos’ By Auctioning Off a Rhino Hunt

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will allow the ‘trophy,’ a critically endangered black rhino, to be imported from Namibia.

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