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Jennifer Mishler is a writer, and a vegan and animal activist. When she's not writing, you can often find her volunteering or advocating for animal, environmental and human rights causes. Along with writing for Ecorazzi, she has contributed writing for nonprofits like Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and enjoys blogging. She resides in the Washington, DC area (and loves all the vegan food it has to offer). Follow Jennifer on Twitter: @jennygonevegan.


Cruel: Live Cockroaches Surgically Turned Into Controllable ‘Robots’

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

Us humans have found a seemingly endless list of ways to harm animals in the name of “science.” A range of species including mice, rats, monkeys, chimps, and dogs are

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Visitors to Swim with and Eat Dolphins at Taiji Marine Park

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

Not far from the now infamous killing cove in Taiji, visitors will soon interact with dolphins and whales…and eat them.

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WATCH: Giant Squid Washes Up on Spain Beach

in Animals, News, Science, Top News, Video

The remains of a giant squid washed up last week in Cantabria. The squid is an elusive species, living in the far depths of the ocean.

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Man Ties Abused Dog to Tree for Four Years, Fined $25

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

Joseph is now safe with rescuers but has been abused for years, and the human responsible faces only a $25 fine.

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Times Square Billboard Draws Attention to Elephant Poaching

in Animals, Causes, Featured, News

As elephant poaching continues to claim lives in the hunt for ivory, the pachyderms are facing a major crisis. I’m talking about an extinction in twelve years kind of crisis. It

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Elephant Killed on NRA-Sponsored Show ‘Under Wild Skies’

in Animals, Causes, Film/TV, News, Top News

Calls for the show’s cancellation have followed gun lobbyist Tony Makris’ elephant hunt.

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Sea Shepherd Unveils Largest Faroe Islands Campaign

in Animals, Causes, Environment, News, Top News

The Sea Shepherd crew will return to the Faroe Islands in 2014 to oppose the ongoing mass slaughter of pilot whales and dolphins.

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