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Jennifer Mishler is a writer, and a vegan and animal activist. When she's not writing, you can often find her volunteering or advocating for animal, environmental and human rights causes. Along with writing for Ecorazzi, she has contributed writing for nonprofits like Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and enjoys blogging. She resides in the Washington, DC area (and loves all the vegan food it has to offer). Follow Jennifer on Twitter: @jennygonevegan.


WATCH: Baby Sea Turtles Released and Swept Home By Wave

in Animals, Causes

There’s something so inspiring about seeing baby sea turtles released safe and sound into the ocean! Maybe it’s because so many of these little turtles don’t have the same lucky

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Sheryl Crow Rodeo Concert Donation to Wild Horses Draws Criticism

in Animals, Events, News, People

Sheryl Crow has announced that some of the proceeds from her July 22 concert will be donated to the Cloud Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of wild horses.

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Vegan Meal Time Invites Ellen to Canada’s Biggest Vegan Event!

in Events, Video

Ellen DeGeneres isn’t just hilarious, she’s also a vegan with a love for all animals (and a pretty sweet dancer too, I might add). But would this veg-celeb join in

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WATCH: Time-Lapse Video of Dust Storm Covering Phoenix, AZ

in News, Video

Here’s something you may not have seen before, unless you happen to be a storm-chaser! A time-lapse video of the huge dust storm that hit Arizona this week is going

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Icelandic Whalers Want Tourists to Join In

in Animals

Iceland’s Minke Whalers Association has decided to try a new way to bring in money and counter the opposition from animal welfare and environmental organizations. They want you to be

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Historic Agreement Reached Between Egg Industry and Humane Organizations

in Animals, Causes, News

Animal lovers, rejoice! An agreement has been made between United Egg Producers (UEP) and several organizations to improve the treatment of egg-laying hens in the factory farming industry. UEP, which

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Just How Many Trees Are There in Central Park?

in Featured, News

Have you ever wondered how many trees there are in Central Park? Well, now there’s a map for that! Author Edward Barnard and birdwatcher Ken Chaya have mapped almost all

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