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Linda St.Cyr is a writer, blogger, activist, and short story author. When she isn’t writing or raising her kids with her life partner, she is busy being vocal about feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and bringing attention to human rights violations all over the world.


‘Real Steel’ Star Hugh Jackman Launches Charity Coffee Brand (Video)

in Causes, People

Hugh Jackman is well known for his acting abilities and his charity work with World Vision and other organizations all over the world, but now he wants to be known

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Despite NBA Lockout Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh Play Basketball

in Entertainment, News, Sports

So there is an NBA lockout that doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon. But that isn’t stopping some of the best players in the league from playing basketball.

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Alicia Keys Charity Concert to Honor Beatles George Harrison

in Causes, Events, People, Pop Culture

Alicia Keys will be hosting a concert next month in New York City that will benefit her charity, Keep a Child Alive, and honor late Beatles guitarist George Harrison. The

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Hungry Muppet Joins Sesame Street Cast to Raise Hunger Awareness

in Causes, Events, News, People

Sesame Street has decided to tackle the hunger issue facing millions of Americans by introducing a hunger stricken muppet to the cast. The episode called “Growing Hope Against Hunger” will

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Occupy Wall St. Gains More Celebrity Support After Mass Arrests

in Causes, News, People, Pop Culture

Occupy Wall Street is gaining in popularity and in celebrity support. The protests against corporate greed, high unemployment rates, and numerous other social ills have been ongoing since Sept. 17th

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PETA Thinks New York Times Chicken Too Sexy

in Causes, News, Print

On Wednesday, the New York Times ran a photo of a raw chicken in the food section with a story on the appeal of chicken skin– the crispy, savory kind.

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‘Mythbusters’ Claim Motorcycles Just as Bad for Environment as Cars

in Entertainment, Film/TV, Pop Culture

“Mythbusters” set out to answer the question, “Are motorcycles greener than cars?” and the answers they came up with might shock some people. According to Adam Savage, host of “Mythbusters,”

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