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Linda St.Cyr is a writer, blogger, activist, and short story author. When she isn’t writing or raising her kids with her life partner, she is busy being vocal about feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and bringing attention to human rights violations all over the world.


Actress Sheridan Smith Gets Almost Naked for Charity

in Causes, Entertainment, People

Sheridan Smith was happy to strip down to her undies on stage during a Make a Difference charity event hosted by Gok Wan. But then her confidence waned a bit.

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Philadelphia Eagles’ Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar Goes Green With Mobile App

in Environment, Sports

The Eagles’ cheerleaders started incorporating eco-activism into the annual swimsuit calendar about three years ago by wearing swimsuits and accessories that were earth friendly. But that wasn’t enough for the

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Hollywood, Florida’s First Sustainable Park Breaking Ground in December

in Causes, Environment

Hollywood, Florida will be breaking ground in December for the State’s first sustainable park being built at the corner of South 24th Ave and Monroe St. The city appears to

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Ecuador Yasuni Rainforest Under Threat From Oil Below

in Causes, Environment, News

Ecuador’s Yasuni rainforest is home to more species of animals, plants, and insects than anywhere else in the world. It also happens to be home to 846 million barrels of

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Hugh Jackman and Wife Want You to Give Up A Meal to Fight Famine (Video)

in Causes, News, People

Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, have released a special video message in support of World Vision’s relief efforts in East Africa. The couple is urging people to give

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OkCupid Claims Vegetarians Enjoy Oral Sex More than Meat Eaters

in Eats, People

Do vegetarians enjoy oral sex more than meat eaters? That question was recently posed to OkCupid‘s online dating community, with the findings supporting a resounding yes– vegetarians like oral sex more.

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Europe Introduces New Plant-Based Ice Cream “Lupinesse” to Market

in Eats, Vegan

Europe has been a leader in introducing new, unique and sometimes odd ice cream dishes to market. Not that long ago, breast milk ice cream debuted in London causing a

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