Susan Sarandon Calls Out Hillary Clinton

in News

Susan Sarandon says Hillary Clinton turned into a “blamer and whiner” after Clinton’s failed campaign for the Democratic nomination. During an interview with The Advocate, Susan was asked if she

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Diddy Flies Commercial? Say It Ain’t So!

in Internet

Rapper/entrepreneur P Diddy had to give up his private jet due to high gas prices and is now flying commercial. You know, with the rest of us schlubs. And he’s

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Ben Affleck to Ante Up at Democratic Convention

in Causes, Events

Ben Affleck’s got a busy week ahead of him! The actor is going to be in Denver this week for the Democratic National Convention, where he’s got quite the list

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Matt Damon’s Newest Bundle of Joy

in Lifestyle

There seems to be baby fever going around my neck of the woods. Quite a few of my close friends are welcoming their new little ones, and my youngest will

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Shoes Lovers Rejoice! Geoff Rowley Designs Vegan Vans!

in Fashion, People

What do you get when you combine Geoff Rowley, one of the best skateboarders in the world, and Vans? Some really freaking awesome shoes, that’s what! Add into the mix

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Lance Armstrong: Champion Cyclist and Water Waster?

in News

Apparently winning the Tour de France seven times isn’t quite enough of an accomplishment for some people. It’s been revealed that in July, Lance Armstrong used 330,000 gallons of water

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Adrian Grenier and Isabel Lucas Split

in People

One of InStyle‘s “Greenest Hollywood Couples”, Adrian Grenier and Isabel Lucas, have gone their separate ways, according to People. The breakup follows pretty closely on the heels of the discovery

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