Cindy Crawford Admits She’s Under Pressure To Stay Green

in People

Cindy Crawford may be super famous and adored by millions, but she revealed it’s her kids who have an enormous amount of power over her when it comes to making

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Seattle’s Space Needle Goes Above And Beyond Green

in Home

Seattle, the Emerald City, is undeniably green. Leaders there are doing remarkable work, passing innovative sustainable policies all over the place.  But no place in Washington is more popular then their futuristic

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Wanted Star James McAvoy Wants To Be A Park Ranger

in People

This is a somewhat gratuitious posting, simply to allow me to write about this Summer’s hottest “it” guy – James McAvoy.  I’ve been wondering what he’s like in his personal life, as

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More Greening Of The Dave Matthews Band Summer Tour

in Music

You can use their online carpooling service to get to the venue, and now, when you hit the parking lot at the Dave Matthews Band concert this summer, keep your

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U.S. Olympic Swimmer Speaks Out Against Shark-Finning

in Sports

The Beijing Summer Olympics are just weeks away from invading the media, and U.S. super swimmer Tara Kirk is using the Olympic spotlight to draw awareness to the horrible-sounding practice of shark-finning.

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Kim Wilde Is Wild About Eco Kitchens

in Music, People

“We’re the kids in America”…an eighties new wave anthem, was performed by  pop star Kim Wilde.  Now a mother and professional gardener, the British chart topper is working for U.K.’s Magnet brand kitchen-wares to educate

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Jennifer Garner Greens Her Grocery Shopping

in Eats, People

I know it looks like America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Garner, is tipping a cold brewski just outside the grocery store, but you can relax in knowing it’s a Virgil’s All Natural

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