Luke Warner


Variety Covers Recent Celebrity Influence On Politics

in People

Hollywood trade paper Variety has taken a rather compelling look at the effect that celebrities have on political issues in the Beltway, especially since the ascension of the Obama Administration.

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Leonardo Keeps Pedaling In London

in People, Transport

Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted riding his bike around London this past week, as he took a break from filming his latest movie, Inception. We recently covered his ride with Tobey

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Xtina Becomes Hunger Spokesperson Thanks To KFC, Taco Bell?

in Causes, Eats, Music

Christina Aguilera was shooting a PSA for World Hunger Relief yesterday in New York, after she was nominated to be their new global spokesperson. She’ll be involved in the advertising

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Bunnies Wear Lettuce For PETA’s D.C. Dog Day

in Animals, Causes, Eats, Video

Playboy bunnies that is. And the lettuce was bikini-shaped. Yes, it was PETA’s annual National Veggie Dog Day in the Capitol and Playmates Jayde Nicole and Jo Garcia were there,

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“Age of Stupid” Eco-Doc To Get September U.S. Release

in Film/TV, Internet

We’ve been covering the British eco-documentary The Age of Stupid, and the green antics of its star, Pete Postlethwaite from a distance for a while and it’s finally ready to

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Beastie Boy Picks Up “No Impact Man” Movie

in Film/TV, People

Oscilloscope Laboratories has picked up the rights to the No Impact Man documentary, based on the compulsive blog, that we’ve all been waiting for. Oscilloscope is the distribution label started

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Air America To Add Permanent Celeb Clout to CLOUT

in People

Word on the street/Internet is that progressive talk radio station Air America will be bringing some big names to their regular weeknight show Hollywood! CLOUT. According to Air America Media,

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