Miley Cyrus – With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

in Animals, Music, People

Can this teen queen’s influence get any bigger? At only 15, Ms. Cyrus has her second #1 album (her first without her alter-ego of Hannah Montana). Millions of tweens idolize

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A Vegetarian to Host MTV’s Video Music Awards

in Animals, Eats, Film/TV

According to E! Online, Russell Brand will be this year’s host of the MTV Video Music Awards.  If you’re like me, you probably have little to no idea who Russell

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Clay Aiken Continues Work Helping Kids In Kenya And Somalia

in Music

It seems like this guy has been focusing on more than just his music.  According to his posts on the UNICEF blog, Clay Aiken has been visiting Somalia and Kenya

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Score One For The Apes!

in Animals, Film/TV

Conservationists and primate fans everywhere are going bananas! According to the Great Ape Trust, six orangutans from Hollywood’s only ape-rental operation are being sent to a sanctuary in Iowa. So

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