A Word From MPD: Saving Lives One Book at a Time

in Causes, News, People

It’s hard to believe that every year more than 650,000 children die from malaria – one child every 45 seconds. It’s perhaps harder to believe that with only a low

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A Word From MPD: One Young World Conference Spotlights Global Leaders

in Causes, News, People

Over the years we’ve gotten a first-hand look at how everyday individuals, celebrities, and organizations are making the world a better place. While there is certainly no template for world-changers,

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A Word From MPD: NYC Welcomes The Good And Green Marketing Conference

in Events

As an editor at Ecorazzi for over three years, I’ve had the privilege of covering a vast array of issues related to sustainability, environmentalism, and social action — all through

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A Word From MPD: The VegNews Scandal Of 2011

in Featured

Earlier this afternoon, my colleague Michael d’Estries posted a story that is slowly but surely shaking up the vegetarian world. Last night, revealed that VegNews – the nation’s leading

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No Second Season For ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’

in Film/TV

Get ready to do the happy dance in 3-2-1! Looks like Sarah Palin’s Alaska will not be renewed for a second season! WOO! Although the reality show brought TLC a whopping

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‘The Personal MBA’ Author Josh Kaufman Helps Entrepreneurs Create Sustainable Businesses

in Print

To be clear, Josh Kaufman is one of the smartest people I know. As an independent business professor, education activist, and all-around knowledge rockstar, Josh has helped countless people around

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‘Polar Bear Payback’ And ‘Tofu Hunter’ Deemed Animal-Friendly By PETA

in Animals

It sucks when humans kill polar bears in real life, but it’s awesome when polar bears kill humans in video games…or so says PETA. The animal rights group recently gave

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