Steve Wynn Continues To Speak Out About New Vegan Diet

in Eats

Ever since we found out that Steve Wynn went vegan, we’ve been obsessed with each and every detail of his transformation. First, he required all the restaurants on his many

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Pink’s ‘Raise Your Glass’ Video Showcases Anti-Bullfighting Message

in Animals, Music

Pop singer Pink is once again using her musical abilities to speak up for important social issues. In her latest music video for the song “Raise Your Glass,” the rocker touches

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Planet Green’s ‘Operation Wild’ Explores The Florida Fish And Wildlife Commission

in Animals, Film/TV

As a born and bred Florida boy and a passionate environmentalist, there’s nothing I love more than celebrating those who are working hard to protect my home state’s precious ecosystems.

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President Obama Backs Away From Cap-And-Trade, Looks For New Method

in News

Many environmentalists are teary-eyed today after President Barack Obama announced in a press conference on Wednesday that he would be ditching the controversial cap-and-trade bill — legislation that would put a limit

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Sophia Bush Considers Veganism After Reading Silverstone’s ‘The Kind Diet’

in Eats, People

It’s only Wednesday, and we’ve already published two Alicia Silverstone stories this week. Homegirl is kicking butt! After reading Silverstone’s book The Kind Diet, actress Sophia Bush has decided to

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‘The Cove”s Ric O’Barry Refuses To Participate In Dolphin Hunt Negotiations

in Animals

An arranged meeting between marine life conservationists and representatives from a dolphin-hunting village in Taiji, Japan ended before it began on Tuesday after The Cove’s Ric O’Barry refused to participate.

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Janet Jackson Shows Her Vegetarian Side On ‘The Tonight Show’

in Eats, Film/TV

We’re always a little surprised when a vegetarian celebrity manages to slip under our radar. Such is the case with music icon Janet Jackson. Recently on The Tonight Show, Jackson

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