Celebrities Support Eco-Fashion At LA Fashion Week

in Events, Fashion, People

Do you like fashion that has more offer than just dead meat? Well then the Green Initiative Show at LA Fashion Week would have been just your cup of organic,

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Green Celebrities Help Support The Do Not Mail Campaign

in Causes, People

If you’re like me, you much prefer email to snail mail. What can I say? Joke-a-days and chain letters are just way more fun (and a lot less harmful to

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Scarlett Johansson eBay Oxfam Update!!

in Contests, Events, Film/TV, People

Last week Ecorazzi told you that Scarlett Johansson was teaming up with Oxfam America and eBay to auction off a date for the premiere of her new movie, He’s Just Not That Into

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America’s Next Top Model Is DEAD MEAT!

in News

Put on your seatbelts Ecorazzi readers — I’m about to take you on a journey. Imagine this: a young (wildly handsome) vegan dude gets together with some of his closest

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Paris Hilton Is “The First One” To Own A Hybrid

in Transport

Did you know that Paris Hilton has the first hybrid EVER?!!! Because we sure didn’t. Recently, when the paparazzi asked Hilton about her new hybrid Yukon SUV, Paris said that

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Win A Date With George Clooney, Help Out The Boys And Girls Club

in Causes, Contests, Events, Film/TV

We slobbered over Minnie. We gushed over Scarlett. And now we’re practically throwing our underwear at George Clooney. Clooney has joined the myriad of celebrity do-gooders who are all auctioning

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Lindsay Lohan Rocks PETA’s NO FUR Button!

in Animals, Fashion

Guess who was spotted yesterday rocking one of PETA’s No Fur buttons? It was none other than New York magazine’s nudie patooty herself, Lindsay Lohan. PETA’s gonna be soooooo happy!

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