Hugh Grant Lends Cancer Awareness His Love Actually

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I have this really great Hugh Grant impression that would be an ideal way to start this post, but since I’m limited to the written word, you’ll just have to

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Pamela Anderson Seal Hunting UPDATE!

in Animals, People

Remember when Ecorazzi told you about Pamela Anderson’s speech protesting seal hunting in Canada? Well yesterday afternoon Pamela blogged about it on her website, She said: “Ms Bardot asked

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Prince Fielder Goes Vegetarian!!

in Animals, Eats, People

Good news vegetarians…we got another one! Prince Fielder, first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, has officially gone VEG!!! After doing a little reading about the horrible meat industry, Fielder is proud

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eBay and Oxfam Help You Win A Date With Colin Firth

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These days Oxfam seems to be popping up just about everywhere. Earlier this week I spoke with Minnie Driver about her steadfast loyalty to the British charity, but it’s not

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Ed Begley Jr. And Earth Cinema Circle Kick Netflix’s Ass

in Film/TV, People

If Ecorazzi was a vegan sundae, Ed Begley Jr. would be our candy-coated topping. What can I say? WE LOVE THE GUY!! Basically, Ed is the greenest celeb ever!!! So

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Global Green Pre-Oscar Party: Stars Drink It Up

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If you want to throw a green Hollywood bash you need three things: A-list celebs, at least one member of the Ecorazzi team and lots and lots of booze!!! Of

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Global Green Pre-Oscar Party: How Did They Do?

in Causes, Events, People

If Global Green passed Ecorazzi a love note in class and we had to circle “Yes, No or Maybe”, we’d totally circle YES five times and seal it with a

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