British Supermarket Tesco Doubles Order For Free-Range Chickens

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I think it’s safe to say that Ecorazzi has been relentless in covering all the chicken drama going on in Britian. In case you haven’t been reading (shame on you),

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Fashion Industry Tries On Clothes To Support Environmental Justice

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What’s better than a room full of 20 supermodels? A room full of 20 supermodels in eco-friendly clothes…DUH!!! The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) is teaming up with the fashion industry

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Paris Hilton Loses Cat Privileges Due To “Abandonment”

in Animals

Oh this is good. This is really, really, REALLY good! is reporting that Paris Hilton has lost custody of her pet cat Prada (no, I’m serious…that’s the cat’s actual

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Keith Urban Shows His Recycled Side With New Green Gear!!

in Fashion, People

Yeah okay, I get it…I have like zero Keith Urban credibility.  After the last story I wrote on Urban, his fans seemed to descend from the sky on huge glow in the dark cowboy

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Dolly Parton Donates Her Most Prized Possession: Her Boobies

in People

You gotta love a good celebrity donation. A house here, a car there…maybe a trip every now and then to a homeless person in need. In this day and age good P.R

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The EkoBoys Bring Back The Boy Band…GREEN STYLE!!!

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A few years ago, Hurricane Boy Band hit the world like a fatal, airborne disease-showering generic lyrics and computer generated harmonies over every major radio station on the planet. From

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Anna Nicole Smith’s Ex-Lover Gets Charitable

in News

I’m fairly new to the Ecorazzi crack squad, and so I wasn’t around last year to cover Anna Nicole Mania. If you were on a different planet, let me catch

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