Vegetarian Hottie, Joy Bryant, Speaks Up On Being Green

in Film/TV, People

I’ll be honest: before researching this article, I only knew Joy Bryant as,”that cute chick in the movie with Martin Lawrence.” But although not quite a household name, she has

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Prince Charles And Camilla Set Sail On A Mean Green Machine

in People

It’s official: Prince Charles is purposely trying to suck up to the Ecorazzi team. Yeah you heard me, Brittan’s own P.Ciddy is going to the theater, saving trees, appearing as

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Kate Walsh Helps Open The Pedigree Dogstore In Times Square

in Animals, Causes, Events, People

How many times have you walked through Times Square and thought to yourself, “You know what this place needs? A rescued animal adoption shelter.”  Well baby chicks, you got your

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The U.N Gets A Time-Out Over Madonna Hosted Charity Event

in Causes, Events, People

The United Nations is on its way for a smack bottom after a controversial fundraiser, held last night on U.N property and hosted by the bottle water queen herself, Madonna. The event

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The EPA Cracks Down On Energy Star Digital Televisions

in Film/TV

Do you ever find yourself perched in front of the boob tube, half way through a pint of soy ice cream and feeling totally guilty about all the energy you’re wasting on reruns of VH1′s

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Ryan Reynolds: The “Flighty” Love Bird

in News

One day during college, my (then) girlfriend and her roommate locked themselves in their dorm room to study for a big test. I went to school in a different state,

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Lexus Teams Up With Fashion Designer, Rodarte, For An Eco-Snazzy Event

in Causes, Events, Fashion, People

Note to self: when attending a chic, invite-only fashion show in downtown New York, one should not assume that a bathroom will be just readily available. This would be one

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