Celebrity Chefs Join With Greenpeace To Help Save The Fishies

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Greenpeace is kind of like that kid across the street that your parents secretly wished you were more like, or that guy in college that always got a hundred on the test and

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Prince Charles And Camilla Enjoy An Afternoon Of Environmental Theatre

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I believe it was Billy Shakes who once said, “To be or not to be sustainable, that is the question.” Prince Charles and wife Camilla, the Duchess Of Cornwall (you

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Hayden Panettiere Saves The Whales…Again.

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Breaking News: Hayden Panettiere is actually part whale. A thin whale, yes. A cute whale, absolutely. But I am most definitely, one hundred percent convinced that Hayden Panettiere is somehow directly

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Score This Super Bowl Sunday With Tickets From

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One of my best (or possibly worst) attributes as a dude is that I kind of hate sports. Therefore, Super Bowl Sunday means about as much to me as global

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The Little “11th Hour” That Could Picks Up Speed

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary, The 11th Hour, had a rough start. Ok, a REALLY rough start. But it looks like the little documentary that could is still chugging along. I think

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Daryl Hannah Lends Her Pipes To New Underwater IMAX Film

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Oh Daryl, how we love you so. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Daryl Hannah and Ed Begley Jr. mated and had little green offspring that grew up and saved the

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Simon Cowell: Leaving It All For Charity

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When I think of Simon Cowell, the first expression that pops in my head is, “That was by fah (far) the wehst (worst) thing I’ve eva (ever) seen (seen). ”

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