Elton John Brings Motorcycles To The Rescue

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When I reflect on the AIDS crisis in Africa, the first I think is, “You know what these guys need? Motorcycles.” Ok, maybe that isn’t really the first thing that pops in

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Celebrity Designer Strives To Change The World With Carbon T-Shirts

in Fashion, People

I’m not gonna lie to you….I shop at Old Navy. Go ahead-throw recycled bottles, curse under your breath, perform voodoo curses on me…just get it all out of your system.

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KFC Uses Celebrities As They Attempt To Look Charitable

in Animals, Causes, Eats, Events

Does KFC really have a heart? The answer to that question is: NO!! I’m sorry, but as someone who cares even a smidgen about the well being of animals, I

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James Cromwell Lends His Voice To An HSUS Talkie

in Animals, Film/TV, People

James Cromwell wouldn’t remember, but I waited on him once at a restaurant in New York. He and his wife were SUPER kind and damn generous tippers. So it’s no

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David Beckam Bends It For The Children Of Sierra Leone

in Causes, People

I’m really not trying to be Debby Downer today, but celebrities just seem to be batty over all this Darfur/Sierra Leone stuff lately.  Soccer star and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, David

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Cambodian Officials Tell Mia Farrow To, “Talk To The Hand”

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This weekend, dozens of Cambodian police denied Mia Farrow and the members of Dream for Darfur-an American advocacy group- access to a Tuol Sleng prison, the Khmer Rouge’s main torture centre

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Obama Picks Up Speed With Bicycle Riding Voters

in Causes, People, Transport

As election time nears, those adorable, little presidential candidates put on their sparring gear and battle it out for the chance to be the next big cheese. While personally, I

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