George Clooney Racks Up Another Cool Point As New “Messenger Of Peace”

in People

George Clooney is way cooler than I will ever be. It’s ok, I know that. I’ve just accepted the fact that no matter how much money I make, or how

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Tom Cruise Calls The EPA “Liars”

in News

Listen, I know I created a lot of drama the last time I wrote about Tom Cruise, but here I go again. Tom Cruise is flat out crazy!! There, I

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Extreme Dog Makeover Post Hurricane Michael Vick

in Animals, Events

I’m sure by now, everyone knows ALL about the whole Michael Vick dog-fighting incident. Well, on January 28th, for the first time since the trial, the media will be invited to

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Pink Teams Up With PETA To Prove They Aren’t Just Horsing Around

in Animals, Causes, People, Transport

I know some of our readers aren’t particularly excited about the fact that I cover PETA stories quite regularly, but this one is totally great…I promise. Singer, Pink, has teamed

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Does Jamie Oliver Have Egg On His Face Over Sainsbury’s Comments?

in Animals, Eats, People

As Ecorazzi reported earlier, a few masters of the British cuisine (if you can call English food, cuisine…I joke) have been doing their part to shed light on the horrible realities of factory farming. 

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Steve Jobs Makes Environmentalists Swoon

in People

Besides being an avid blogger, I am also an avid nerd. Therefore, when Steve Jobs speaks…I LISTEN! And Steve Jobs did speak…this morning in California. Jobs announced that Apple will

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Help The HSUS By Making Out With Your Favorite Celebrity

in Causes

Yes, it’s true: Jenna Elfman and I totally locked lips. And yes, it’s also true that I made out with Scary Spice. Jealous? Well, you shouldn’t be! Now EVERYONE can give

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