Celebrities Get Spoiled Green At The Sundance Film Festival

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Sure, I write a lot about celebrities, but truth be told, I have no desire to ever actually be famous…until I hear about cool things like this. The Main Event

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Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen Want Your Jeans!

in Causes, Fashion

Some of us have good genes and some of us have good jeans. If you just so happen to rock the latter, then Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen WANT YOU!!

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Dominika Wolski Is New The Face Of Eco-Friendly Bling

in Fashion, People

Why did the Polish woman cross the road? To wear eco-friendly jewelry, of course!!! Ecorazzi has just learned that Polish-born actress, Dominika Wolski, who’s maybe best known for the Canadian

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Eco-Friendly Bottled Water Will Represent At The Golden Globes

in Eats, Events

Here at Ecorazzi, we like to talk about water….I mean we really like to talk about water…I mean we REALLY REALLY REALLY like to talk about water. So in the

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Tom Cruise Spends A Bazillion Dollars On Oil

in News

Ok…maybe not a bazillion, but close to that. It’s just been reported that Tom Cruise spends one million dollars a year on gasoline. Did you hear that, Tom? Mother Earth

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H&M Team Up With A Slew Of Celebrity Do-Gooders To Battle Aids

in Causes, Fashion, People

The Gap has RED and now H&M has AIDS. Wait…um…that came out wrong. What I mean is that H&M has just announced a campaign to help FIGHT aids. The project

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Wolf Blitzer Leads The Pack Of Journalist Scaredy Cats

in Film/TV

As election time nears, it’s easy to get distracted by the all the hullabaloo of mass media coverage. But let’s face it: we depend on the media to keep us informed on

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