Brad Pitt Is Redefined And Donates Money To The Red Campaign

in Causes, Film/TV, People

I’ve just decided that from here on out, the name Brad Pitt will also be used as a verb, meaning: to do an act of kindness and/or extreme selflessness resulting

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New York City Will Have Green Balls This New Year’s Eve

in Events, Home, Music

Come on, you have to admit that is a brilliant title!  Tonight, my current stomping ground, New York City, is celebrating one of it’s most famous Times Square traditions-the New Year’s Eve ball

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HGTV Announces The Location And Details Of YOUR New Green Home

in Contests, Film/TV, Home, People

As Ecorazzi reported earlier, HGTV is teaming up with a slew of bubbly corporations to build a totally “green” home for one lucky viewer to win! The location and specifics

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Prince Charles Helps Save The World One Tree At A Time

in People

This week, Prince Charles put down the pint and meat pie and picked up the checkbook to help Norway stop deforestation around the world. Charles pledged to contribute $541.2 million

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Victoria Beckham Receives A Dead Turkey Stuffed With Christmas Joy

in Animals, Eats

When exchanging gifts with that special vegetarian in your life, it’s best to just put the present under the tree…NOT STUFF IT INSIDE A TURKEY!!! But don’t take my word

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Paris Hilton’s Grandpa To Give Almost All The Hilton Loot To Charity

in News

If you’ve read my last three posts you probably think I have an old, white man fetish. Well I don’t! Indeed, I suspect an escaped Christmas elf of spiking the

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The Pope Gives A Shout Out To Mother Earth During His Christmas Mass

in Events, People

I’m half Jewish and half Catholic, so I feel like it’s only HALF appropriate I cover this story. But on the other hand, I’m 100 percent green, so here it

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