Prince Charles Offers Eco Fashion Advice In Latest Issue Of UK Vogue Magazine

in Fashion

Earlier this summer, Ecorazzi reported that Prince Charles is planning to host an eco-friendly fashion show at his home to launch Emma Watson’s new Spring/Summer 2011 collection for People Tree. But the lean,

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Captain Planet Celebrates 20th Birthday With Eco Celebrations

in Causes, Events

I don’t know about you, but I literally grew up on Captain Planet. I have fond memories of taking in an episode or two of the environmentally-focused show each day

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‘One Tree Hill’ Stars Sophia Bush And Austin Nichols Witness Wreckage From Gulf Oil Spill

in People

One Tree Hill stars Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols recently travelled to Louisiana for a first-hand look at the aftermath of the Gulf oil spill. The duo both work with

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In Wake Of Massive Egg Recall The Dalai Lama Issues Statement Against Industry

in Eats

In wake of the largest egg recall in United States history, the Dalai Lama is speaking out against the cruel egg industry. With more than a half billion eggs already recalled

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Singer Clay Aiken Encourages Fans To Help Pakistan Citizens

in Causes

Pop singer and UNICEF ambassador Clay Aiken recently recorded a video asking fans to help the millions of citizens who’ve been affected by the terrible flood that devastated Pakistan less than

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Former President Bill Clinton Chooses Vegetarian Option While Dining In Hamptons

in Eats

Earlier this summer, we reported that former president Bill Clinton had decided to go vegetarian (and also sans dairy) after Chelsea suggested he drop some poundage for her wedding. We,

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Green Race Car Driver Leilani Munter Visits Japan To Protest Dolphin Slaughter

in Animals, Causes

Green race car driver Leilani Munter is sick of Japan’s brutal dolphin slaughter and has decided to take action. The eco gal is currently in Taiji, Japan helping Ric O’Barry (from

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