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Jessica Chastain Buys Her Mom a Vegan Food Truck

in Eats, Healthy Living, News, Top News, Vegan

The Oscar nominee got her mom not only to become vegan with her delicious recipes but also to change careers and become a vegan chef.

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Only Six Living Northern White Rhinos Are Left in the World

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

One of the few Northern white rhinos left in the planet has died, bringing the total number of surviving members of the species to six. According to a statement from

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PETA Vet: SeaWorld Animals Hurt Physically and Emotionally

in Animals, Causes, Featured, News

One of PETA’s veterinarians saw a number of animals severely physically and emotionally hurt at SeaWorld, leading to another complaint against the park.

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Sea Shepherd Honors Martin Sheen With New Vessel

in Animals, Causes, Environment, Featured, News

Sea Shepherd has a new research vessel and it’s named after an A-list actor and supporter of protecting the oceans. In a press conference on Saturday, October 18th, held in

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WATCH: Carriage Horse Escapes, Runs through NYC

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News, Video

A new video of a horse running wild through the streets of New York has become activists’ latest example of why carriages need to be banned in the city.

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‘Walking Dead’ Cast, Crew Go Veg, Disgusted by Zombie Scenes

After fighting flesh-eating zombies on set, the cast and crew of ‘The Walking Dead’ don’t want any meat on their plates for lunch.

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DiCaprio Produces Netflix Gorilla Documentary

Leonardo DiCaprio has produced yet another movie to raise awareness about saving the world and its creatures.

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