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Rebecca Carter is the Co-Founder of Ecorazzi. Rebecca was recently featured in the book Hot, Rich, and Green. She is one of 70 eco-achievers featured in Glamour magazine in April 2009, named Best of Green 2010 by Miami Magazine and Best Environmentalist by Miami New Times Best of 2008. She's raising a couple of little boys in Miami and speaks English & Spanish. Find out more at Follow Rebecca on Twitter: @rebeccacarter


This Week: Seven Days @ Minimum Wage

in News

Yesterday Seven Days at Minimum Wage began. To find out more, read our original post on the topic. Below is the first video of the series, hosted by Roseanne Barr.

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Jay Leno Takes Biodiesel Bike Out for Spin

in Transport

AutoblogGreen found an obscure post with a photo of Jay Leno, two guys, and a motorcycle. Here’s what they had to say: We can also figure out it’s Leno and

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Stone & Salmon

in Animals

Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam is one of us. He is a treehugging environment lover. We talked about him back in one of our very first posts. Grist had recently

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GMA 7 Talents Fight Breast Cancer

in Causes

Post contributed by Lynn Lopez: I’ve gotten so used to watching local talk shows where two starlets battle it out with words or where the hosts speculate about a potential

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Arnold: Terminate the Terminal

in Causes

Michael let you know about the protest for the LNG terminal this weekend, hosted by Pierce Brosnan. Now I’d like to tell you how it all turned out. It was

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Rhythms del Mundo – Get Ready

in Music

Wow, this is awesome. I just found out about this through this week’s Grist List. First, just click this link and come back to read while you listen to these

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Join Up With Ecorazzi

in Internet

We Want You! That’s right, we are looking for people to help bring to the next level. You could become a contributing writer and help us spread the green

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