Dave Matthews Joins the Cloth Diaper Bandwagon

in Lifestyle

At a press conference for Live Earth last Saturday, Dave Matthews revealed his newfound way to help go green – he’s using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones for his

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New Veggie Restaurant from Chrissie Hynde

in Eats

Pretenders frontwoman and Ohio native Chrissie Hynde has announced this week she will be opening an upscale vegetarian restaurant in her hometown of Akron. Construction should begin soon, and the

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Stella McCartney’s PETA Party!

in Animals, Causes

In strange-bedfellows-for-a-good-cause news, Stella McCartney and PETA are co-hosting the first virtual anti-fur protest on the 3-D, on-line world Second Life, from July 12 through July 29th. McCartney, a lifelong

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Laura Bush’s African Tour

in Causes

First Lady Laura Bush has been on a four-nation tour of Africa this week, pledging money and aid to HIV/AIDS and other disease and poverty stricken areas. While pledging an

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