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Why Meat Consumption is Falling in the US

in Animals, Causes, Healthy Living, Lifestyle, News, Top News

In the last five years, US meat consumption has taken a nose dive. Here’s what’s driving the trend.

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21 Delicious and Healthy Apple Recipes

in Eats, News, Recipes, Top News, Vegan, Vegetarian

From McIntosh and Gala to Honeycrisp and Granny Smith, apples abound in autumn, bringing a fresh, juicy crunch to classic dishes.

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7 Vegan Cheese Dishes That Will Blow Your Mind

in Eats, Featured, News, Recipes, Vegan

By Elizabeth Castoria, The VNHQ has had a single-minded obsession ever since we brainstormed our September+October Cheese Issue. It might not surprise you to learn that the object of our

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Urge In-N-Out to Add a Veggie Burger Option

in Animals, Causes, News, People, Top News

By Kimberly Budziak, via California’s popular burger chain is being petitioned to add a meat-free option to its menu. Los Angeles-based activist Ari Solomon is spearheading a campaign via asking

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Beyond the Veggie Burger: 9 Exotic Fake Meats

in Eats, News, Top News, Vegan

Next time you want to take a walk on the wild side, try one of these nine quirky re-creations.

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Want a Vegan Tattoo? Read These Tips!

in Arts/Culture, Beauty, Lifestyle, News, Top News

By Hilary Pollack, Maybe it’s because we’re the passionate type or because we tend to think outside the box, but the vegan community represents a well-illustrated bunch. Whether you’re

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Vegan Drinks: 3 Cheap Ways To Stock Your Bar

in Eats, News, Recipes, Top News, Vegan

By Rashida Harmon, If the rising popularity of the Vegan Drinks movement is any indication, vegans are no strangers to the party scene—and what better time than now to

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