giant manta ray

Tangled Giant Manta Ray ‘Asks’ Divers for Help

Russell Simmons: ‘Do Yourself a Favor: Try Vegan’

Russell Simmons has tip for anyone looking for some good karma: go vegan.

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Alison Eastwood Is Raising Funds for 110 Rescued Research Chimps

Alison Eastwood, daughter to Clint Eastwood, lends a helping hand to 110 newly released chimpanzees.

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WATCH: Kevin Bacon Kisses Pit Bull For Charity

Kevin Bacon kisses his Pit bull Lily for Dog Park Publishing’s campaign celebrating the controversial breed.

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First Footage of Baby Elephant’s Miraculous Rescue Revealed

The first video footage of Gary Roberts rescuing a baby elephant after a horrible slaughter is revealed.

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HSI Fighting Violations of the Global Whaling Moratorium

The Humane Society International will be heading to the 65th International Whaling Commission to try to preserve the integrity of the whaling moratorium.

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Virtual Reality Game Shows You the Life of a Factory Farmed Chicken

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a chicken? How about a terrified chicken on its way to slaughter? Thanks to Sam Simon and PETA, college students around the US

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