Louisiana’s Captive Animals Need Your Help Now

Aquarium Owner Under Investigation for 220 Animal Deaths

As construction for a new aquarium in San Antonio kicks off, details on the owner’s shady past are surfacing. Ammon Covino co-owns aquariums in Austin, Portland and Boise with his

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Watch: Firefighter Revives Tiny Bird Back to Health

There is a little bird flying around humming a happy tune, all because of the compassion of Seattle, Washington firefighter Andy Reilly. Early Tuesday, Reilly was leaving the firehouse when

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Man Attacked By Female Black Bear Wants Her to Survive

Conservationist Steven Krichbaum was recently viscously attacked by a black bear in the George Washington National Forest, WV while conducting research on turtles for his doctorate degree. Krichbaum, 59, and his dog Henry,

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Black Bears, Gray Wolves and Mountain Lions Get Help from Illinois

A new bill will allow the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to protect black bears, wolves and mountain lions in Illinois.

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PETA’s Investment in More SeaWorld Shares Mortifies Cher

The animal rights organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has once again bought shares in SeaWorld, much to the dismay of multi-award winner, musician and actress, Cher. Apparently,

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Pamela Anderson to ALS Association: Stop Animal Testing

Pamela Anderson refuses to take part in Ice Bucket Challenge. Instead challenges ALS Association to stop animal research.

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