The California Coastal Commission has decided to delay SeaWorld San Diego from expanding after receiving more than 75,000 emails and letters from critics.

California Coastal Commission Delays Vote on SeaWorld Expansion

Jimmy Kimmel’s Plea for Cecil the Lion Raises Over $150K

Jimmy Kimmel‘s emotional plea for donations in honor of Cecil the Lion’s tragic death raked in a remarkable $150,000 for Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. On Tuesday night, the funny late night

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Morrissey to Receive PETA Lifetime Achievement Award

Vegan activist and singer Morrissey has earned himself a lifetime achievement award from PETA for his work to help animals. The former ‘The Smiths’ singer will receive his award at

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Denmark Bans Kosher and Halal Animal Slaughter

Denmark chose animal rights over religion Monday by enacting a sweeping ban on the religious slaughter of animals. The new regulation banning the religious slaughter of animals was signed into

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Nepal Temple Bans Animal Sacrifices as Offerings

A Hindu temple in Nepal has banned the sacrifice of animals as offerings at the traditional Gadhimai festival. Taking place every five years for two and a half centuries at

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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel’s Perfect Response to Cecil the Lion’s Death

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel choked back tears on Tuesday night during a monologue dedicated to Cecil the Lion who was killed earlier this month. “This is — I should say was

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Cecil the Lion Killed By American Dentist, Justice Demanded

Cecil the Lion — the famed big cat from one of Zimbabwe’s national parks — was killed by American dentist, Walter James Palmer, who shot him with a crossbow. It

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