Photographer Steven Winter captured an image of a bobcat with the hopes of generating awareness for a wildlife corridor over a busy freeway in Los Angeles.

Photographer Captures Bobcat Image For Wildlife Awareness

CA Drought Might Make The Delta Smelt Extinct

While California is running out of water, a local fish is running out of time and may even go extinct. “Prepare for the extinction of the Delta Smelt in the

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Scientists Say Abominable Snowman Likely Present Day Bear

Leave to scientists to ruin fun and reign in imagination; or at least try to. Weighing in on mythology and mysticism, researchers from Oxford University  concluded last year that what

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Dog Found Starving in Mexican Streets Has a New Life and New Look

Luna the dog, who was found starving to death in Mexico, is now healthy and happy, and looks a whole lot different — which is a good thing. Luna was

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DiCaprio, Gervais Honored for Animal Protection Efforts

Some of our favorite celebrities and animal rights advocates have been honored for their good efforts in protecting those without a voice. The Humane Society of the United States celebrates

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Scientists Need Help Funding Anti-Poaching Drone Program

Poaching continues to be one of the biggest threats to wildlife in Africa but that won’t be the case for long if a team of scientists get the funding they

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Pamela Anderson Helps Expose Cruelty Against Chickens

Avid vegan and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson has partnered with Mercy for Animals to expose gross cruelty against chickens. The actress narrates a video that features images captured in

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