Tomorrow night, the famous New York building will be aglow with images of endangered species as part of a unique event by Oceanic Preservation Society.

Endangered Species to Light Up the Empire State Building

Nepal Temple Bans Animal Sacrifices as Offerings

A Hindu temple in Nepal has banned the sacrifice of animals as offerings at the traditional Gadhimai festival. Taking place every five years for two and a half centuries at

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Leonardo DiCaprio Raises $40 Million For the Environment

In what was called “the biggest environmental fundraiser ever,” Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s second annual fundraising gala in St. Tropez raised over $40 million on July 22. The star-studded gala included Kate Hudson,

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Internet Cats Are Getting Their Own Museum Exhibit

Famous internet cats are going from memes to their very own museum exhibit, courtesy of New York City’s Museum of the Moving Image. The exhibit, entitled “How Cats Took Over The

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Leonardo DiCaprio To Donate Environmental Artwork

Actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio will donate a large-scale installation called “Solar Reserve (Tonopah, Nevada)” to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The piece, which was created by

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Comedian Jamie Kilstein Talks Veganism & Why You Should See His Standup

Vegan comedian Jamie Kilstein is nothing if not a comedic underdog. This Brooklyn-based 33-year-old funny guy dropped out of high school, never went to college and for two years lived

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Exclusive Interview with Farmed Animal Conference’s Marji Beach

In what’s sure to be an enlightening experience for vegans and animal lovers alike, Animal Place is launching its first-ever Farmed Animal Conference at its Grass Valley, California-based sanctuary on

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