Utah resident Shaun Mitchell is painting pet portraits in order to pay for his dog's medical care.

Self-Taught Artist Raising Money For Dog’s Cancer Treatment

Who Needs Antlers When You Have Plant Trophies?

Ever walk into a place and get instantly horrified by a deer head mounted on the wall staring  straight at you? Next time that happens, let the owner of the

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July Lookout: Enjoy a Weeklong Vegan Vacation in Southern Italy

Too often we vegans are met with naysayers suggesting veganism isn’t feasible; isn’t realistic; isn’t sustainable. To that we vegans say phooey! Non-vegans are missing out on the rewarding benefits

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Ron Howard Could Turn Your Life Story into a Film

For all those people who can relate to movie characters and identify with cinematic situations and relationships, there is a chance the big screen can become all the more familiar.

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David Duchovny Tackles Animal Rights, Veganism in New Book

Most people know David Duchonvny as an actor but with a new book out tackling the issue of veganism and animal rights in fiction form, he is ready to be

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The New Yorker Features Cartoon Against Animal Captivity

Another day, another Blackfish ripple effect (pun very much intended), this time courtesy of The New Yorker. The acclaimed magazine’s February 2 issue features a cartoon by Farley Katz that

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Man Spends Over $50K Making Home a Rescue Cat Fun House

We’ve heard of crazy cat ladies that will go to all lengths to please their feline friends but a man is breaking the stereotype by revamping his entire home to

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