Spending time relaxing in forests, otherwise known as "forest bathing," is a new back-to-basics spa treatment that's all the latest rage.

‘Forest Bathing’ Is The Next Big Thing in Beauty

NV Bill Would Give Animals in Labs Chance For Happy Ending

A new bill proposal in the state of Nevada is giving animals that are used as lab test subjects a glimmer of hope. SB261, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Mark Manendo

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Miss Universe NZ Asks Parliament to Ban Animal Testing

International model Anna-Lisa Christiane and Miss Universe New Zealand Rachel Millns went to their country’s Parliament this Monday to make a very special delivery: 90,000 signatures asking for cosmetics animal

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A Wedding Dress Made From Fungus Could Be a Reality

Something new, something blue, and something…funghi? That could be the new wedding day mantra, thanks to homegrown fashion. Growing clothing from a combination of plant matter and microscopic mushrooms could

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Vegan Fashion On the Rise As Faux-Leather Tech Improves

Pleather no more. Thanks to science, fake animal hides have a cooler, and more appropriate, name: vegan leather, and they’re selling like hot cakes. The interest in vegan leather is

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Livia Firth ‘Recycles’ Eco-Friendly Dress for Golden Globes

Known as the “Queen of the Green Carpet,” Livia Firth lived up to her title by wearing a sustainable silk Erdem gown to Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony. Firth, who is

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South Korea Announces Plans To End Cosmetics Testing on Animals

Another victory for a cruelty-free world! The South Korean government announced this week their plans to end needless testing on animals for cosmetics. The news comes following two years of

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