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China Removes Animal Testing Requirement for Cosmetics

Illinois Bans the Microbead

You know those tiny little beads that are often found in facial scrubs, body soaps, and toothbrushes? Those microbeads are so tiny that they often slip through filtration systems, which

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10 Vegan Beauty Brands To Try Right Now

By Colleen Holland | When I first went vegan in the mid-90s, I attended a raw cooking class in San Diego. Normally, it would be all about the food, but something

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Shailene Woodley Makes Her Own Natural Cosmetics

Woodley opened up to InStyle about how her love of nature made her change her entire lifestyle, including her beauty routine.

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9 Health Foods to Give Your Skin a Radiant Glow

By Tommy Dean | Summer’s in full swing, which means you may be venturing outdoors to socialize and soak up some sun. With your jackets and sweaters in winter storage, you’ll

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15 Reasons Why Coconut Milk Is Great for Your Health

Coconut milk is extraordinarily versatile and serves a variety of purposes in the kitchen. From breakfast to dinner and savory to sweet, coconut milk has a place in your diet.

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5 Summer Beauty Tips to Keep Skin, Hair and Body Radiant

The summer may be a time to shine, but the season also poses a threat to the vitality of your skin, hair, and body.

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