Arguments for and against animal testing

New Zealand Bans Animals Testing for Cosmetics

‘Forest Bathing’ Is The Next Big Thing in Beauty

Spending time relaxing in forests, otherwise known as “forest bathing,” is a new back-to-basics spa treatment that’s all the latest rage. Forest bathing comes from the ancient Japanese tradition called Shinrin-yoku,

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NV Bill Would Give Animals in Labs Chance For Happy Ending

A new bill proposal in the state of Nevada is giving animals that are used as lab test subjects a glimmer of hope. SB261, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Mark Manendo

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Miss Universe NZ Asks Parliament to Ban Animal Testing

International model Anna-Lisa Christiane and Miss Universe New Zealand Rachel Millns went to their country’s Parliament this Monday to make a very special delivery: 90,000 signatures asking for cosmetics animal

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A Wedding Dress Made From Fungus Could Be a Reality

Something new, something blue, and something…funghi? That could be the new wedding day mantra, thanks to homegrown fashion. Growing clothing from a combination of plant matter and microscopic mushrooms could

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Vegan Fashion On the Rise As Faux-Leather Tech Improves

Pleather no more. Thanks to science, fake animal hides have a cooler, and more appropriate, name: vegan leather, and they’re selling like hot cakes. The interest in vegan leather is

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Livia Firth ‘Recycles’ Eco-Friendly Dress for Golden Globes

Known as the “Queen of the Green Carpet,” Livia Firth lived up to her title by wearing a sustainable silk Erdem gown to Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony. Firth, who is

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