A Preview of Mayim Bialik’s Vegan Thanksgivukkah

Family Dog Tips Off Parents to Abusive Babysitter

A family’s dog gave signs that something was terribly wrong with the babysitter.

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UCLA’s ‘Library Cat’ Adopted by Librarian

A feral tuxedo cat, lovingly referred to as Library Cat or L.C., roamed the Powell Library at UCLA Law school. She would spend her time watching the musical performances in

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Why We Don’t Recycle: Psychology is to Blame

Think of the last time you found a crumpled, discarded sheet of paper on the ground- did you recycle it, or throw it in the trash can? We would all

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Ryan Reynolds Puts Eco-Home Back on Market

Built in 1953, the home has solar heating, a tank-less water heater and a new roof.

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Robbie Rogers Explains How to Keep Animals Safe on the 4th of July

Independence Day is coming up. Before you kick off your celebration, PETA and LA Galaxy soccer star, Robbie Rogers would like you to take a few extra steps to ensure your pets’ safety.

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Adele’s Eco-Friendly, High-Low Decorating Plan

Although Adele is a multi-millionaire, she has opted to go the eco-friendly thrift route for furniture, by shopping at resale stores.

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