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Watch: Lance Bass and Michael Turchin Reveal Green Wedding Plans

Olivia Munn Appeals to USDA to Help Nosey the Elephant

With the help of PETA, actress Olivia Munn has joined the movement to help Nosey, the circus elephant.

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Landmark CA Ruling Recognizes Orcas Have Right to Freedom

San Francisco has legally recognized that whales, dolphins and porpoises have the right to be free from a life of captivity in a landmark ruling.

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Ricky Gervais Wants to Shut Down the Illegal Dog Trade

Comedian and animal-lover Ricky Gervais wants to stop the thousands of dogs who are tortured and killed for their meat.

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Only Six Living Northern White Rhinos Are Left in the World

One of the few Northern white rhinos left in the planet has died, bringing the total number of surviving members of the species to six. According to a statement from

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Zachary Quinto Joins the Fight to Stop Ebola

Actor Zachary Quinto took to his Twitter last night to urge his fans to help stop the horrific epidemic of Ebola in West Africa.

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PETA Vet: SeaWorld Animals Hurt Physically and Emotionally

One of PETA’s veterinarians saw a number of animals severely physically and emotionally hurt at SeaWorld, leading to another complaint against the park.

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