Southwest Airlines Flies Away from SeaWorld After ‘Blackfish’ Backlash

Shay Mitchell: ‘Adopting is Always a Better Choice!’

Shay Mitchell has a new love. The lucky guy has four paws and was recently homeless.

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Animal Rights Group Sues to Stop Bull Run in California

The first ever Great Bull Run is scheduled to happen in California this Saturday but an animal rights group has sued to stop it from happening.

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New Study Finds Trees Save More Than 850 Lives Per Year

Trees save more than 850 lives per year and prevent 670,000 incidents of acute respiratory symptoms, according to a new study in ‘Environmental Pollution’.

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Eco Film ‘Mission Blue’ to Be Released on Netflix

Netflix is releasing ‘Mission Blue’, a documentary of the story of legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle and her incessant quest for saving the oceans.

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WATCH: Rescued Hens Touch Ground for the First Time

If you were looking for a reason to stop eating chicken and eggs, look no more. The California based group Animal Place recently rescued 500 hens from an egg farm.

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WATCH: Compassionate Diver Removes Hook from Shark’s Mouth

Diving with sharks takes some serious courage. Grabbing one of them by the tail and removing a hook from its mouth takes a lot more – but that didn’t stop

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