new fiction novel takes on animal abuse issues

New Fiction Novel Takes on Animal Abuse Issues

The World Readies for Darkness as Earth Hour Approaches

We are just one days away from one of the year’s most dedicated and unifying moments on Earth. Come Saturday, around the globe, individuals, communities, and indeed countries will look

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Help Fund Bonnie Raitt’s Anti-Fracking Album

Singer and environmental activist Bonnie Raitt is asking for the public’s support to help produce a new album that will benefit the anti-fracking movement. The Grammy award-winning singer took to

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NV Bill Would Give Animals in Labs Chance For Happy Ending

A new bill proposal in the state of Nevada is giving animals that are used as lab test subjects a glimmer of hope. SB261, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Mark Manendo

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Animal Lovers Donate Thousands to Abused Cat

The story of an abused cat dubbed Bruce Almighty has prompted hundreds of people around the world to donate more than $19,000 for his recovery. The black-and-white cat was discovered

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Komodo Dragon, Red Panda and More Compete in Endangered Species Bracket

The NCAA Sweet Sixteen has been set since late Sunday night, as colleges and universities vie for the coveted tourney championship. However a far more significant bracket has been set

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Bad News: Only Two Intact Forests Left On Earth

Here’s a depressing discovery: a new study revealed that the world’s forests are more fragmented than ever. Researchers at North Carolina State University found that if someone were to be

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