Dolphins rescued by fisherman.

Indonesian Fishermen Save A Pod Of Stranded Dolphins

Liam Neeson in Op-Ed: “Carriages Belong in Central Park”

Liam Neeson’ latest rant in support of the cruel horse carriage industry in New York was in an op-ed piece the actor wrote in Tuesday’s New York Times.

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Cesar Millan Says That Killing the Pit Bull Breed is Genocide

World renowned dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, says that the humans are committing genocide against the pit bull breed of dogs.

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Chimpanzee Inmates Break Out of the Kansas City Zoo

The Kansas City Zoo had to temporarily shut down its premises when seven chimpanzees masterminded an escape plan and put it into action. Primates share ninety-eight percent of human DNA,

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Ricky Gervais Says ‘Be a Part of the Biggest Bear Rescue Ever’

Ricky Gervais took to twitter today asking his followers to become a part of Peace by Piece, the biggest bear rescue effort to date.

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14 Species Still Struggling After BP Oil Spill

Four years later and the effects of the BP oil spill are still visible, says a new report from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

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Exclusive: Kevin Spacey a ‘HUGE’ Advocate for Animal Adoption

Given his adoption—and subsequent adoration—of rescue dog Boston nearly a year ago, it comes as no surprise that Kevin Spacey wholeheartedly embraces, and likewise disseminates, the “adopt-don’t-shop” adage. Asked at

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