Store Receipt Leads Investigators to Elk Poacher

Rescuers Work Together to Save Lion Cub Abused by Circus

Vets and animal rescuers from around the world are working together to save an abused lion cub rescued from a circus. Magnus is a four-month-old lion cub that was born

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The Future of Zoos Looks At Keeping Animals, Not People, Happy

Many zoos today are more concerned with the happiness and overall well-being of animals rather than the experience of human visitors. Fast Company reports that the philosophy of zoos is

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Mother Cow Hides Calf From Farm

A former dairy cow who had all of her babies taken away from her, decided that would never happen again by hiding her newborn calf. Clarebelle was rescued last fall

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WATCH: ‘House of Cards’ star Kate Mara Promotes Meatless Mondays

The latest season of “House of Cards” may have dropped earlier today, but actress Kate Mara dropped a video of her own today, too: one promoting Meatless Mondays. Mara teams up

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Laura Vandervoort Calls on Canada to #BeCrueltyFree

“Bitten” actress Laura Vandervoort is urging the Canadian government to #BeCrueltyFree and ban cosmetics testing on animals. The Canadian actress joins a long list of celebs, including Kristin Bauer, Leona Lewis and

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SeaWorld Continues to See Drop in Attendance, Revenue

SeaWorld is looking on the bright side while treading water, as the continued fallout related to allegations of animal abuse and neglect stemming from the documentary “Blackfish” (among other groups)

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