A massive congregation of Pacific walruses are being forced to haul out on a beach in northwest Alaska, thanks to climate change.

35,000 Walruses Forced Ashore Linked to Climate Change

Jane Goodall ‘Sickened’ by ‘Shocking’ Primate Research

Famed primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall is speaking out against the horrific primate research being conducted at at German research institute.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jan Creamer on ADI’s Peru Circus Rescue Mission

Jan Creamer, founder and president of Animal Defenders International, talks about the current Peruvian mission rescuing wild animals from circuses.

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Simon Cowell: Dolphin Show Will Not Appear on The X Factor

Simon Cowell has personally stepped in to make sure a captive dolphin show scene doesn’t make it into Saturday’s episode of ‘The X Factor UK’.

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WATCH: Adam Levine Gets Bloody As A Butcher in New Video

Adam Levine, who claims he follows an “85 per cent vegan lifestyle,” plays an obsessed butcher in the new video for Maroon 5′s “Animals.”

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Report Says Wildlife Population Has Been Cut in Half in 40 Years

WWF has just released a new report showing that humans are going through Earth’s resources at a much faster rate than nature goes to replenish itself.

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Ian Somerhalder to Dog Fighters: ‘You Suck Big Time’

Ian Somerhalder took to Twitter to vent about his new discoveries on the cruel practice of pitting two dogs against each other for money.

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