After a severe storm flooded the Austin Pets Alive shelter in Austin, Texas, dozens of residents stepped up to provide homes for the displaced animals.

Shelter Animals Find Foster Homes After Being Displaced By Austin Floods

Dog Follows Owner All The Way To His Train To Work

A Scotland man was shocked to find his puppy, Paddy, had joined him on his morning commute to work last week. Thomas McCormack, a handyman from Croy, North Lanarkshire, went to

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Two-legged ‘Bunny Cat’ Is The Latest Internet Star

Move over, Grumpy Cat, there’s a new feline that has taken over the Internet. Her name is Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux Hendrickson Deak Akey but she goes by Roux. She

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Marine Scientist: Orcas Belong in The Ocean, Not SeaWorld

A new TEDx talk is presenting the latest scientific proof against SeaWorld, in case anyone needed some more. Dr. Naomi Rose, Animal Welfare Institute marine mammal scientist, spoke at a

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Greenpeace Sets American Landscapes on Fire in New Campaign

In a new anti-drilling campaign, Greenpeace sets some of America’s classic landscapes on fire to show the damage oil could cause to the country’s ecosystem. The 105 second video shows

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Argentine Court to Decide Whether Orangutan Is “Non-Human” Person

The future and freedom of Sandra the Orangutan still hangs in the balance. In a landmark ruling last year, Sandra was declared as a “non-human” person with basic legal rights.

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Q&A With ‘Earth Focus: Illicit Ivory’ Producer Raisa Scriabine

“Illicit Ivory” is the latest installment of the long-running environmental investigative series Earth Focus. It’s a fearless examination of the horrific world of ivory trafficking, including its effect on endangered elephant species worldwide

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