Emily Deschanel, a vegan since age 15, is raising her two-year-old son to be 99 percent vegan

Emily Deschanel: Don’t Buy Wool this Fall

Study Warns: Move Shipping Lanes to Save Endangered Whales

Hey, freight ship, watch out for that whale! A new study showed that more than 10,000 endangered blue whales were found feeding off the West Coast right in the way

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DiCaprio Raises $25 Million to Protect Environment

The award winning actor raised $25 million on Wednesday to protect the environment and endangered species.

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Miranda Lambert Cares for Dogs at Home and at Shelters

Miranda Lambert is known for her aggressive power chick attitude in her country songs but at home she is nothing but a big softie — for her dogs at least.

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Saddest Polar Bear Will Not Be Moved, Says Zoo

After the story of Arturo, the saddest polar bear in the world, went viral last week, hundreds of thousands rallied to save him. Unfortunately, the Argentine zoo that’s keeping him

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Rhino Poacher Sentenced to 77 Years in Prison

South African authorities are cracking down on rhino poachers – hoping longer sentences will deter others from killing the endangered animals. As part of of this pattern, a poacher was

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Bahamas Dolphinarium Ordered to Close, Release Dolphins

The Bahamas are taking a huge step towards the protection of marine mammals. A court in the Caribbean island has ordered that an illegal dolphinarium shut down and is questioning

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