Reearchers say the world needs to eat less meat and dairy to slow climate change

America Contains the Most Climate Change Deniers

DiCaprio Raises $25 Million to Protect Environment

The award winning actor raised $25 million on Wednesday to protect the environment and endangered species.

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Beef Causes Most Environmental Harm, Study Says

Put down that burger if you care about the environment! That is the concluding message from a new study that shows beef has the largest environmental impact out of any

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Mark Ruffalo Promotes Clean, Renewable Energy at NASCAR Race

Mark Ruffalo was all smiles as he posed for pictures and signed autographs on Saturday at Chicagoland Speedway. The 46-year-old actor was in town to support Leilani Munter in the Automobile

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Richard Branson Explains Why He Cut Beef from His Diet

Magnate and investor Richard Branson has ditched beef from his diet and he is encouraging anyone who will listen to do the same.

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Diver Saves Tangled Sea Turtle, Gets a Special Thank You

If you’ve ever wanted a close encounter with a sea turtle, prepare to be jealous. A diver helped save a sea turtle that got tangled in a fishing line and

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Walmart Development To Put Rare Animals, Plants at Risk

Walmart is looking to open a new superstore in the Miami-Dade area but environmentalists are standing against it, claiming it will bring endangered species of plants and animals closer to

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