Vatican Set to Host Climate Change Summit

Netflix, WWF Plans ‘Our Planet,’ Four-Year Natural History Project

It won’t arrive for four more years, but a much-anticipated follow up to Planet Earth is finally in the works. Netflix is teaming up with Silverback Films and the World

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Scientists Using Drones To Map Ocean Trash

A group of scientists is taking the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans by land, sea and air. While Marco Simeoni, the president of the Race for Water Foundation

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Dark Sky Week Brings Awareness to Light Pollution

When the sun goes down in the next seven days, make sure to look up because it is International Dark Sky Week. The event, happening between Monday, April 13th and

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New Project Seeks Crowdfunding to Make Death Eco-Friendly

A new project is seeking funding to make human deaths more eco-friendly. If becoming a tree pod isn’t your thing, the Urban Death Project has launched a Kickstarter campaign to

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WATCH: A Beautiful Floating Flower Garden

Over 2,300 live, floating flowers bloom in an interactive art exhibit from teamLab. “Flowers and I are of the same root, the Garden and I are one,” begins the video

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Jon Stewart Praises Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur in Interview

Taking the spotlight on one of the most influential nightly shows, Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur encouraged all watching to transition to a plant-based diet and change the way we

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