Jesse Eisenberg plays an extreme environmentalist in his new movie, and is an "accidental" one in real life.

Jesse Eisenberg: An ‘Accidental’ Environmentalist

Leonardo DiCaprio Tweets Take Action Against #TarSands

Actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio has taken to his Twitter to promote his opposition against tar sands oil production in Alberta, Canada. The Oscar-nominated star was in the Great White

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Vivienne Westwood, UK Celebs Want Answers on Fracking

UK celebs are partnering up with a new website that allows them and other concerned citizens to ask questions about fracking.

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UN Report: Climate Change is Real and Might be Permanent

The United Nations has released a new report on climate change and, unfortunately, it says that which we already knew: climate change is real, caused by humans and it’s not

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Man to Live in Melting Iceberg to Urge Action on Climate Change

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so a man has decided to go live on a melting iceberg for 12 months to document how urgent the issue of climate change

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WATCH: Matt Damon Uses Toilet Water for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Matt Damon uses toilet water for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness over water sanitation.

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Willie Nelson and Neil Young Join Fight Against Keystone Pipeline

Musical legends Willie Nelson and Neil Young have agreed to play a concert in Neligh to raise funds and awareness against the proposal to lay the Keystone XL pipeline through the area.

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