arctic ice is melting faster than we imagined

It Was a Record Breaking 63 Degrees in Antarctica Last Week

‘Forest Bathing’ Is The Next Big Thing in Beauty

Spending time relaxing in forests, otherwise known as “forest bathing,” is a new back-to-basics spa treatment that’s all the latest rage. Forest bathing comes from the ancient Japanese tradition called Shinrin-yoku,

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Facebook’s New Headquarters Features a 9-Acre Rooftop Park

Not only was Facebook’s stunning new digs designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, but it’s also covered by a 9-acre (3.6 ha) rooftop park. The new office is pretty gigantic at  430,000-square-foot

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Own a Solar Panel, Cut Carbon, and Make Money with CloudSolar

You can adopt an animal halfway around the world, you can adopt a highway, and now you can adopt a solar panel. In an effort to promote solar energy and

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Monsanto Advocate Refuses to Drink ‘Safe’ Product

A genetically modified foods advocate had a little trouble walking the walk after he talked the talk about the safeness of GMOs this weekend. Patrick Moore was being interviewed by

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Shailene Woodley Hates Fracking, Saves Energy, and Eats Bugs

Shailene Woodley, the talented rising star seen in the Divergent series among other films, is known for her candor and curiosity. From an admission that she drinks clay-water mixtures to

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The World Readies for Darkness as Earth Hour Approaches

We are just one days away from one of the year’s most dedicated and unifying moments on Earth. Come Saturday, around the globe, individuals, communities, and indeed countries will look

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