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Johnny Depp Gets Pulled Over in an Electric Car

14 Species Still Struggling After BP Oil Spill

Four years later and the effects of the BP oil spill are still visible, says a new report from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

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Director James Cameron on Vegan Diet: Like I’ve Set the Clock Back 15 Years.

On May 4th, “Avatar” director James Cameron will celebrate two years of, in his own words, a diet devoid “a single molecule of anything that came from an animal.” “This includes

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Moby Schools The New Yorker on Climate Change

Moby, a knowledgeable activist and vegan, called out one of the most famous magazines in the world when they failed to provide all the facts in a recent article.

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Jack Johnson’s 2014 Tour Inspires Green Living

Jack Johnson‘s 2014 North American “From Here To Now To You” Tour focuses on environmental sustainability by incorporating fan participation. The tour that begins May 16 at the Hangout Music

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Search for Flight 370 Reveals Terrible Pollution Problem

Five weeks into the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, what has become clear is the staggering amount of trash in the Indian Ocean.

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Watch Disneynature’s ‘Bears’ And Help Save National Parks

Disneynature’s new movie ‘Bears’ is the latest to document the lives of animals in the wild and to help protect their environment.

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