new greenpeace campaign sets classic landscapes on fire

Greenpeace Sets American Landscapes on Fire in New Campaign

Moby Calls for Water Reform to Fight California Drought

As the California drought continues in its fourth year, with the summer on the horizon, one vocal activist is calling for better water reform to help alleviate the problems of

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This New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Is Trying to Save the World

Ice cream’s most famous duo, Ben & Jerry, is trying to save the world’s climate problem one scoop at a time. The ice cream giant is rolling out a new

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Obama Calls Climate Change a Threat to National Security

In a speech at the United States Coast Guard Academy commencement in New London, Connecticut, President Obama sent a message to climate change deniers calling them a threat to national

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Danish Radio Show Host Slaughters Rabbit Under Guise of Activism

Masquerading as an attempt to prove a point about hypocritical animal rights activists, a Danish radio show host suddenly and violently killed a rabbit on air. Asger Juhl of Radio24syv

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Exclusive: Send Your Kid to Veg-Eco Camp This Summer

If your kids are curious about adopting a plant-based diet and eager to learn more about the environment around them, then you might want to consider sending them to the

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Pamela Anderson Strips Down (Again) For New PETA Ad

Pamela Anderson recreates the famous “Psycho” shower scene for a new PETA campaign against water waste in the meat industry. The former “Baywatch” star obviously has no qualms about showing off

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