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Watch: Lance Bass and Michael Turchin Reveal Green Wedding Plans

Sea Shepherd Honors Martin Sheen With New Vessel

Sea Shepherd has a new research vessel and it’s named after an A-list actor and supporter of protecting the oceans. In a press conference on Saturday, October 18th, held in

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Whole Foods to Rank its Produce by Eco-Friendliness

Whole Foods will now label its produce and flowers according to how much or little harm it causes to the environment.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Donates $2M for Ocean Conservation

Leonardo DiCaprio is backing up a promise made earlier this year at the U.S. State Department’s “Our Ocean” conference, announcing a $2M donation through his foundation to the new Oceans

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Neil Young Disappointed With Obama’s Environmental Policies

Neil Young had a few choice words for President Barack Obama”s handling of environmental issues when the music legend appeared on Howard Stern‘s radio show this week. “Our leaders are doing

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LEGO Ends Partnership with Shell Over Arctic Drilling

Everything is not awesome in the Arctic, and now LEGO has finally done something about it — dumping its multi-million dollar partnership with Shell.

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Alison Teal Reveals Maldives’ Trash Island in New Film Series

Underneath its idyllic charm, The Maldives has a severe trash problem, which avid adventurer Alison Teal hopes to expose in order to raise awareness about plastic pollution. The eco-filmmaker was shocked to discover

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