Pope Benedict XVI: Stop Wearing Fur

by sara

The Italian Association for the Defence of Animals and the Environment (AIDAA) has launched an Internet petition to demand that the Pope stop wearing fur, such as the ermine-trimmed cape

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Bryan Adams Supports Greenpeace Whale Activists

by lori

Rocker and Photographer Bryan Adams was spotted on the telly back in June sporting a “Release Junichi and Toru” T-shirt, in support of two Greenpeace activists who were jailed for

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Lady Bunny And PETA Go After KFC America

by ecorazzicontributor

Lady Bunny, Star Magazine’s own Worst of the Week drag queen writer, recently posed for a new billboard in NYC bashing KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken or Kentucky Fried Cruelty.. whatever

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Rachael Ray, Pet Chef Extraordinaire: New Dog Food To Benefit Rescue Charity

by lindsey

Adding to the list of projects she’s got her hands in, Rachael Ray is debuting a line of dog food, with proceeds going to fund her charity “Rachael’s Rescue”. The

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Positively Green Launches New Magazine, We Gush

by tracy

Well, at least we’re positive we had fun at the launch of the women-focused green magazine, Positively Green!  Almost all of the West Coast Ecorazzi contributors were there to drink

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X-Files Movie Stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Make PETA Smile

by MPD

Before I wrote about celebrities, I waited on them. As a young person in NYC I’ve worked in some of the city’s most famous vegetarian restaurants delivering tofu to the

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Kyra Sedgwick Predicts Soccer Moms Will Change the World

by erinnuallain

The Closer‘s Kyra Sedgewick first became truly involved in living harmoniously with the earth after the birth of her first child. “I carried Travis for nine months, providing him with

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