LUSH Cosmetics is all about “Give generously, Use generously,” and they’re calling on Ecorazzi readers to help determine their next big philanthropic gift.

LUSH Cosmetics to Donate $5K to Ecorazzi Reader’s Charity of Choice

WATCH: Yao Ming Pledges to Save African Elephants By Ending China’s Ivory Trade

Former basketball player Yao Ming has set his sights on a bigger goal than winning an NBA championship: ending China’s ivory trade to stave off the extinction of Africa’s endangered

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WATCH: NRDC Releases New Animation on Superbugs in Meat

The United States-based environmental action group, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), says that dangerous bacteria resistant to antibiotics is spreading from farms into our communities in the form of superbugs.

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Britney Spears Spends Over $30K on Her Dogs

When it comes to Britney Spears’ canine friends, there appears to be no expense spared. The pop star reportedly shelled out over $30,000 on her dogs last year. Spears, who

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Charlie Sheen Slams Danish Government for Whale Slaughter

Film and television celebrity, Charlie Sheen has criticized Danish authorities for the arrests of fourteen Sea Shepherd activists.

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Aaron Paul’s Emmys Speech Crashes Wife’s Kind Campaign Website

Aaron Paul uses Emmys speech to raise awareness about his wife’s charity, the Kind Campaign.

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Man Attacked By Female Black Bear Wants Her to Survive

Conservationist Steven Krichbaum was recently viscously attacked by a black bear in the George Washington National Forest, WV while conducting research on turtles for his doctorate degree. Krichbaum, 59, and his dog Henry,

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