Actor Jeff Bridges has recorded a soundtrack of sleepy tunes to help you drift off into slumberland for SquareSpace's new Super Bowl campaign.

Jeff Bridges Wants To Lull You To Sleep During Super Bowl

New Shirt Made for Charitable Chris vs. Chris Superhero Bowl

Perhaps the second most exciting event taking place this Sunday (maybe it’s number one for sports-shy cinephiles) is a battle between a pair of Superheroes named Chris. Actors Chris Pratt

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Matt Damon Updates on Water Charity Progress

Did you know the invention that saved the most lives in human history is…the toilet? Well, actor and activist Matt Damon wants you to know that, among other critical issues about water

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Betty White Celebrates 93rd Birthday With Vegan Cake

Animal lover and everyone’s favorite “Golden Girl” Betty White celebrated her 93rd birthday in style this week complete with a flash mob and vegan cake. As the “Hot in Cleveland” star was

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Oprah Winfrey and ‘Selma’ Stars March in Alabama to Remember MLK Jr

On the eve of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Oprah Winfrey, alongside her co-stars of the film ‘Selma,’ joined hundreds of marchers in Alabama in remembrance of the civil rights

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Ian Somerhalder Wins ASPCA’s ‘Dog’s Best Friend’ Award

Actor and animal activist Ian Somerhalder loves animals, and recently his love was returned in the shape of a golden fire hydrant at the first-ever World Dog Awards. Somerhalder was

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New Album by Zola Jesus Ponders Human Extinction

For all you music-loving antinatalists – those who believe the human race should be extinguished – well, there is a new, infectious soundtrack to your fated beliefs. Singer and songwriter

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