Bahamas Dolphinarium Ordered to Close, Release Dolphins

If Weird Al Were A Sandwich, He’d Be Delicious (and Vegan)

Weird Al Yankovic is back with a new album and he sat down with the AV Club to answer important questions, like what kind of sandwich would he be? A vegan one!

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WATCH: Colbert Talks Legal Rights for Animals with Steven Wise

Steven Wise was a guest on the Colbert Report advocating for animals to have the same rights for justice as the humans who currently control them.

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Shark Week Hoax Video Scares Swimmers in Lake Ontario

Discovery Channel has stepped up and stated that it was behind the video of a group of friends who spotted a shark while fishing near Wolfe Island.

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World Cup Winner to Pay for 23 Needy Kids’ Surgeries in Brazil

Mesut Özil might have helped his German team knock Brazil out of the World Cup, beating them in a 7-1 match, but off the field he is showing the country nothing but love.

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Beyond Meat Unleashes New ‘Beast’ Vegan Burger on NY Mets

Beyond Meat are soon rolling out The Beast, their new protein-packed vegan burger. To taste-test the meatless patty, Beyond Meat’s chief executive, Ethan Brown, paid a visit to the New

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Morrissey Talks About His New Animal Rights Anthem

Morrissey is an avid animal rights activist, so it makes sense that when he releases a new album he doesn’t give an interview to any platform but PETA. “2014 marks

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