katy perry to bring sharks and a lion on stage at halftime show

Katy Perry to Bring a Lion and Sharks to Halftime Show

The New Yorker Features Cartoon Against Animal Captivity

Another day, another Blackfish ripple effect (pun very much intended), this time courtesy of The New Yorker. The acclaimed magazine’s February 2 issue features a cartoon by Farley Katz that

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Jeff Bridges Wants To Lull You To Sleep During Super Bowl

Actor Jeff Bridges has recorded a soundtrack of sleepy tunes to help you drift off into slumberland for SquareSpace’s new Super Bowl campaign. “I love listening to intriguing sounds when I

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Kevin Spacey Will Play a Cat In New Movie

Kevin Spacey‘s new film role is unlike any other he’s played before. The Oscar-winning actor will play a cat in an upcoming comedy aptly-titled, “Nine Lives.” The flick is described

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WATCH: Portlandia Takes Aim At SeaWorld

The latest from IFC’s “Portlandia” is a whale of an episode. The comedy skewers SeaWorld for keeping whales in captivity. We heard about this episode last fall and we’re very

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Boston Yeti: ‘I’m a Vegan’

Snowmaggedon might have inconvenienced quite a few people in the Northeast in the last week, but the silver lining was that a new character emerged: The Boston Yeti. The mythical

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NFL’s David Carter Shares His Vegan Super Bowl Party Menu

David Carter might not be playing on Sunday’s Superbowl, but he will (like pretty much everyone else) be watching and snacking. Like a superstar, though, the free agent athlete will be

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