Dairy cows Betsy, Honey and Ca$h, featured on the reality show, "Utopia," find a new home at Farm Sanctuary.

‘Utopia’ Cows Find New Home at Farm Sanctuary

Animal Planet to Air ‘Saving Africa’s Giants With Yao Ming’

Former basketball player Yao Ming‘s new goal in life is ending China’s ivory trade, which is highlighted in Animal Planet’s upcoming special, “Saving Africa’s Giants with Yao Ming.” The doc

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Gordon Ramsay Under Fire After SeaWorld Trip

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is being slammed by PETA after sending two contestants from his FOX reality show, “Hell’s Kitchen,” to SeaWorld San Diego during this week’s episode. PETA’s executive VP

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Guy Fieri Plugs Vegetarian Diet (Seriously)

Is Food Network star, Guy Fieri, a vegetarian? Well, not quite. But he does think we should be eating more veggies. The bleached-haired, hot rod-riding restauranteur revealed some surprising facts

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WATCH: Colbert Takes on the NRA’s Opposition to Pet Eating Ban

Thanks to the NRA people in Pennsylvania can eat their pets. Stephen Colbert tackled the subject in his show explaining how exactly that came to be.

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‘The Blacklist’ Tackles Animal Activism with Unique Twist on Poaching

NBC’s hit drama “The Blacklist” takes on the horrid world of animal poaching and trafficking presenting a unique twist on the awful industry.

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‘Walking Dead’ Cast, Crew Go Veg, Disgusted by Zombie Scenes

After fighting flesh-eating zombies on set, the cast and crew of ‘The Walking Dead’ don’t want any meat on their plates for lunch.

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