James Cameron received an award at the National Geographic gala, where he challenged attendees to go vegan.

James Cameron Says Emmy Attention Will Help ‘Living Dangerously’ Earn a Second Season 

‘Blackfish’ Teams Focuses on New York City Rats for Latest Documentary

The team behind the successful documentary, “Blackfish,” is turning their attention on one of the most despised rodents of all-time: rats. Dakota Group and Submarine, the production company behind the

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WATCH: Tom Hardy Loves His Pit Bull Co-Stars

Tom Hardy’s new movie “The Drop” showcases the misconceptions of Pit bulls and how an animal can transform our lives.

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WATCH: Ian Somerhalder Narrates ‘Climate Heroes’ Doc

Ian Somerhalder puts his voice and eco-activism to good use by narrating the United Nations’ new climate change documentary.

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Raju, the Elephant Who Cried, Is Getting His Very Own Movie

Raju, the Elephant Who Cried upon his freedom, just scored his own movie about his 50 years of unjust captivity.

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‘Dolphin Tale’ Aquarium Drops Animal Performances

The Clearwater Aquarium has announced it will no longer feature any animal performances, focusing instead on the rehabilitation and care of marine animals.

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Charlie Sheen Slams Danish Government for Whale Slaughter

Film and television celebrity, Charlie Sheen has criticized Danish authorities for the arrests of fourteen Sea Shepherd activists.

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