monkey at pirates of the caribbean premiere

Activists Don’t Want Live Monkeys in New ‘Pirates’ Movie

Richard Linklater Debuts ‘Veghood’ For PETA

With the Academy Awards ceremony just days away, director Richard Linklater, nominated for “Boyhood,” spoofs his flick for a good cause. In 2002, the Texan filmmaker began a 12-year commitment

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Ron Howard Could Turn Your Life Story into a Film

For all those people who can relate to movie characters and identify with cinematic situations and relationships, there is a chance the big screen can become all the more familiar.

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WATCH: The BBC Interviews A Dog As Panelist

The BBC has gone to the dogs. A dog was featured as an expert panelist on the renowned news program for the first time, ever. The dog, a golden labrador

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Discovery Channel to Air ‘Racing Extinction’ Worldwide

The newest documentary from the ‘The Cove’ director Louie Psihoyos, ‘Racing Extinction’, has just gained some major exposure as the Discovery Channel announced it will air it all over the

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Exclusive Interview with Brean Cunningham and Doug Seirup of ‘Dogs On The Inside’

Dogs On The Inside follows the relationships between neglected and abused dogs from a rescue shelter in Mississippi and minimum security inmates at a Massachusetts correction facility. The documentary follows the

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Film Review: Dogs on the Inside

Two parties neglected and forgotten become the powerful emotional center of an uplifting new documentary, Dogs on the Inside. We’re taken to Massachusetts, where there exists a unique, mutually-beneficial rehabilitation

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