Stevie Wonder sang a song about veganism in a video of outtakes from his recent appearance on "The Late Late Show With James Corden".

WATCH: Stevie Wonder Sings About Veganism With James Corden

Exclusive: Interview with Bob Comis of ‘The Last Pig’

For more than ten years, farmer Bob Comis provided a humane – even picturesque – life for the pigs on his farm. But throughout those years, he would often suffer

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‘The Martian’ Asks You to Send a Potato to a Friend

In a trippy — or perhaps, “space-y” — form of marketing, the folks at 20th Century Fox has partnered with Mail a Spud to let fans of “The Martian” ship an

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Leonardo DiCaprio Still Might Be Vegetarian, Threw Up Bison Liver

The question remains: is Leonardo DiCaprio a vegetarian, or isn’t he? The actor reportedly threw up on the set of his upcoming movie “The Revenant” after eating a bison liver,

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Matt Damon, Ben Affleck Teaming Up For HBO Movie About Global Water Crisis

Friends and filmmakers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are joining forces once again to produce the HBO movie, “Thirst,” which is set against the backdrop of the global water crisis.

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Vegan Ironman John Joseph Discusses How He Fuels Up

For the latest instalment of Munchies’ Fuel series, vegan John Joseph discusses how he trains hard for the Ironman without consuming meat or dairy. For those who aren’t aware, the

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Here’s the Story Behind Those Green Ribbons at the Emmy Awards

Jeffrey Tambor was wearing one. So was Gaby Hoffmann, and Don Cheadle. At last night’s Emmy awards, several of the award winners and presenters were sporting green ribbons on their

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