If Weird Al Were A Sandwich, He’d Be Delicious (and Vegan)

Morrissey Talks About His New Animal Rights Anthem

Morrissey is an avid animal rights activist, so it makes sense that when he releases a new album he doesn’t give an interview to any platform but PETA. “2014 marks

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Shelter Toured John Legend’s Bus Before He Could Adopt Dog

Usually, being a famous musician makes things easier: no waiting for tables at a restaurant, VIP service everywhere you go, and the paycheck isn’t bad either. When it comes to

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Billy Joel Says Elephants Are Worth More Than Ivory Piano Keys

Billy Joel, whom is often referred to as the quintessential ‘Piano Man,’ spoke out against the slaughter of elephants and rhinos for their ivory.

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WATCH: Morrissey Shares His New Song “The Bullfighter Dies”

Musician and animal rights activist, Morrissey has just released a new song “The Bullfighter Dies,” alongside a spoken word video from his upcoming record.

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Morrissey Talks Animal Abuse, Shocks Concert Audience

Morrissey takes his veganism seriously. So seriously he is willing to walk away from conversations with new people he finds out are meat eaters and slam everyone from the president

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Chrissie Hynde’s Newest Video Highlights Canine Companionship

Rock & roller, vegetarian, and voice for animals, Chrissie Hynde has released her newest music video for the song, “You or No One.” The video’s world premiere launches from PETA’s

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