Billy Joel

Billy Joel Known as Saint Billy to Animal Rescuers

Paul McCartney Auctions Off Guitar to Save Elephants

The music legend chose the appropriate World Elephant Day to announce an autographed Martin D-28 is available to the highest bidder.

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Paul McCartney Wants Your Help Promoting Meat Free Monday

The former Beatle is asking people to submit photos to be included in the video for his new song ‘Meat Free Monday.’

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Plant-Based Chef Mary Mattern Talks Touring with Ellie Goulding

Plant-based chef Mary Mattern played private chef to Ellie Goulding during her 2014 US tour, shares details from the experience and then some.

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If Weird Al Were A Sandwich, He’d Be Delicious (and Vegan)

Weird Al Yankovic is back with a new album and he sat down with the AV Club to answer important questions, like what kind of sandwich would he be? A vegan one!

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Morrissey Talks About His New Animal Rights Anthem

Morrissey is an avid animal rights activist, so it makes sense that when he releases a new album he doesn’t give an interview to any platform but PETA. “2014 marks

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Shelter Toured John Legend’s Bus Before He Could Adopt Dog

Usually, being a famous musician makes things easier: no waiting for tables at a restaurant, VIP service everywhere you go, and the paycheck isn’t bad either. When it comes to

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