UNICEF has teamed up with an array of celebrities to cover John Lennon's beloved "Imagine" for their newest campaign.

UNICEF Launches All-New Celeb Singalong of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

New Band Aid Single Raises Over $1 Million in Five Minutes

Band Aid 30, the 2014 follow-up to the 1984 campaign, is giving its predecessor a run for its money. The update raised $1.5 million for Ebola within five minutes of

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Usher Found Being Vegan Too Expensive

Usher is no longer vegan because he found the healthier diet and lifestyle too expensive. But there’s more to this story. Usher wasn’t just eating fruits, veggies and grains like

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WATCH: Adam Levine Gets Bloody As A Butcher in New Video

Adam Levine, who claims he follows an “85 per cent vegan lifestyle,” plays an obsessed butcher in the new video for Maroon 5′s “Animals.”

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Billy Joel Known as Saint Billy to Animal Rescuers

The singer recently gave all the proceeds from a concert to a campaign from the animal rescue organization North Shore Animal League America.

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Paul McCartney Auctions Off Guitar to Save Elephants

The music legend chose the appropriate World Elephant Day to announce an autographed Martin D-28 is available to the highest bidder.

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Paul McCartney Wants Your Help Promoting Meat Free Monday

The former Beatle is asking people to submit photos to be included in the video for his new song ‘Meat Free Monday.’

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