France drops bullfighting from cultural heritage list

France Takes Bullfighting Off Cultural Heritage List

Chris Evans Wins Charity Super Bowl Bet With Chris Pratt

Last night’s Super Bowl game between The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks proved to be a real nail biter. Especially for two actors/superheroes named Chris. While neither Star-Lord (Chris

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Katy Perry to Bring a Lion and Sharks to Halftime Show

Katy Perry will be the center of attention this Sunday at the Super Bowl halftime show but her recent announcement about the performance will have animal rights activists concerned. “I’m probably

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NFL’s David Carter Shares His Vegan Super Bowl Party Menu

David Carter might not be playing on Sunday’s Superbowl, but he will (like pretty much everyone else) be watching and snacking. Like a superstar, though, the free agent athlete will be

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WATCH: The Super Bowl Spay/Neuter Ad Which Airs During the Kitten Bowl

Bob Barker would approve. An adorably important commercial urging viewers to spay and neuter their pets will air during the Kitten Bowl this weekend. The commercial features live-action shots of

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Miami Dolphins Part Ways with SeaWorld, End Marketing Partnership

SeaWorld has lost yet another marketing partnership; with the latest to swim away none other than the NFL Miami Dolphins. The separation ends a marketing deal that included registry in a

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Puppies To Rule Super Bowl 2015 Commercials

The Super Bowl is going to the dogs — in the best way possible. Two of the event’s biggest advertisers are going head-to-head by featuring golden retriever puppies in their

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