Amanda Beard Adds Animal Rights to Olympic Agenda

by joe

Just when you thought that the Olympics couldn’t handle any more controversies, here comes one that we can all get behind. Despite security concerns, US Swimmer Amanda Beard debuted her

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Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Ballpark Named Most Vegetarian-Friendly By PETA!!

by MPD

I’m not really a baseball guy…shocking I know! And while that might not be a problem in any other city, I get a lot of peer pressure from my neighbors

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Wearing Fur is a Ten Yard Penalty, Sir!

by lindsey

The 2008 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival is in full swing this week. Who knew? PETA knew, that’s who. As part of the festivities leading up to the

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Sarah Jessica Parker Promos Cancer Research

by sara

Tuesday night, Sarah Jessica Parker joined Sheryl Crow and Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig in delivering a PSA on cancer research before the All-Star Yankee game. Their mission? To

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Schwarzenegger Names Bo Derek to Horse Racing Commission

by lori

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has named animal rights activist Bo Derek to the California Horse Racing Board. Bo is a long time horse lover who has been lobbying Congress for the last

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Beyond Zebra Scores With The ESPY Awards

by meghan

ESPN’s annual celebration of the year’s best moments in sports will get a green boost this year.  The network has enlisted the help of Beyond Zebra, Inc., a certified woman-owned

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Major League Baseball Rolls Out A Crazy Long Green Red Carpet

by Michael dEstries

Tomorrow (July 15), one of the longest—and greenest—red carpets ever created in the United States will cover 18 blocks of Manhattan. It’s all part of Major League Baseball’s unprecedented league-wide

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